Sunday, August 14, 2011

Garage Makeover Post #1-Curtains and Gingham Shelf Liner

Gingham Shelf Liner

The NVO and I have been sprucing up the garage with a
"Norsk flair" for a couple of years now. (Yes, really - that is not a typo - I really wrote "garage".)
There have been so many unusual improvements that I felt it warranted a series of posts.
These really are things that make the neighbors go,
 "Hmmmmmm...what are the NVO and Astri up-to in that garage, now".

The garage is the first place that welcomes us home each day,
so we wanted it to shout,
"Welcome Home, YOU are going to think you are in Norway."

So the first post is about the curtains and the gingham shelf liner:
This fabric, for the curtains, was found at our local JoAnn's as it oozed Scandinavia,
 as well as, being the colors I gravitate towards.
The original intent was to make a couple of aprons from this fabric...
but since I am better at sewing squares then ruffles, it turned into curtains for the garage. :-)
(I will likely learn how to "really" sew once I learn how to knit,
but that won't be until I master rosemaling.)
I wish to be able to sew like my French blogging friend Domy;
check out her "Creative Manual" blog here.
These suitcases must be covered up as they keep telling us,
"I'm bored sitting upon this shelf, grab me and take me somewhere, pleazzzzzzeeeee."
But this is not part of our long term financial plan until next summer (Except for a couple of weekend getaways) they are hidden they will not be tempting us, plus the garage will look cozier, to boot. :-)
Ah, yes much better!
(We can barely hear the muffled chatter of the suitcases, now.)
The other window area stores our coolers...they tempt us too,
so something had to be done to hide those, as well.
AND it all must be symmetrical. (Well, most of the time, anyway.)
The "after" of this location is the same as the suitcase window.

The two together look like this:
Sewing squares on tension rods I can do.
Check out these cabinets that the NVO whipped up...
that's another post for another day, though.
On that day, we will take a peek inside the cabinets,
because that's where the truly magical stuff is going down.
but here's a little of it - which coincides with this post:
red and white gingham shelf liner from my favorite idea supply shop: Wal-mart.
Gingham is all the rage right now, and I must be ragin'!
I thought the NVO would draw the line with this shelf liner, but bless his heart, he did not.
I'm preparing for one of these days to hear him say "It's just a garage, darlin' "
(He calls me "darlin' " as he spent 26 years in Texas, it makes my heart all oowey gooey.)
He can get away with saying anything as long as he follows it with that drawlin' "dahlin' ".

Have a koselig (cozy) weekend, y'all!!!

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  1. Oh mais voilà un garage bien rangé, que j'aimerais pouvoir dire la même chose. Bravo pour la couture, l'ensemble est très bien réalisé et a fière allure. Même un garage a le droit d'avoir de beaux rideaux :)
    Bonne soirée