Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Garage Makeover Post #3-A Stabbur Entrance

A Stabbur Entrance From
The Garage To The House
I apologize for repeating myself as the stabbur had been the subject of a post last January here; however, a series of garage posts without the stabbur just seemed wrong. This was the most incredible gift I have ever received. The NVO took on my heritage and built something that I still have a hard time believing is possible.

I lived in this home as a single mother for 13 years before the NVO came along. The home was falling apart. There were so many things that needed to be fixed, let alone improved upon like this, and he's done them all. Ouch, I pinch myself again. :-)

The home so very quickly became our home. My eyes well up as I write this post.
Almost everything that I am and that I blog about today
 is possible because of the love of this man.
My cup runneth over with this "half-full" husband of mine. I love him so much.

Okay, I dab my eyes and get back to the business at hand...the stabbur.

Joining two households into one created the opportunity
for several garage sales and creative garage storage solutions.

Here's what it looked like before:
And now the sides of the stabbur hide secret storage shelves:
So very mysterious.

Here's some of the detail of the great lengths the NVO went to in order get this very unique look:
We found these items in our local classified ads for pennies. It was not an easy task slicing these wood pieces in half. The NVO made something that he called a homemade jig in order to accomplish this task. I don't know what a jig is but I know what "jiggy" is. The NVO told me. ;-)

He even gave me a scrolled grass roof:
(Be still my heart.)

And then came my part:
Painting the windows
One window represents the USA with an Apple Pie and the other, Norway with a Kransekake (a Norwegian wedding cake). Hmmmmmmm....I still wonder if window panes and a different background color might make these look more like windows. Ahhhhhhhh....that will be for another day.
and a dolled-up Ikea wreath. :-)
What on earth would I do without Ikea, Wal-mart and an occasional Costco and Target run?

Tusen Hjertelig Takk, NVO!
Jeg Elsker Deg!!!


  1. ah, ah, I saw, you have a sewing machine :)

  2. Ah yes, but I need lessons! Yarn is much more agreeable than fabric. I am awaiting your lesson. :-)