Saturday, August 20, 2011

Garage Makeover Post #7-Floor

The Floor

Half of one side of the garage floor is lined with these pads as the NVO works out here every  morning. This makes it cushy soft for his push-ups and sit-ups. Each morning he works out on cushy soft while I sleep on cushy soft and become even more cushy soft. ;-) We must utilize every nook and cranny because our home is small, small, small! Don't let that fool you, though, there is BIG stuff going on in here.
Oh, there are big plans for the floor, and it was to be done by today; however, I got distracted by painting a Scandinavian style rag rug on the front porch. (Oh yeah, baby, post to come. :-) )

So this is how much was accomplished on the garage floor for the garage posting series:
A simple scribbled plan, yup that's it; nothing else.
There will be a rock path from the red back door to the stabbur entrance door. On one side of the path will be a green meadow and on the other side water. The floor at the bottom of the cabinet side will be a rocky coastline. The path and rocky coastline will be strategically placed in the area where the car tires sit so that when the hot tires eventually pull up the paint, the gray concrete below will be a similar look to these rocky areas. How about that? Tricky, eh? I am still trying to figure out what to do to the cushy soft area, though.

Must finish before it gets cold out...
I can feel it coming in the air tonight.

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