Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Perfect Shoe

For years the search has been on for the perfect shoe...
...I dreamt of a round toe pump in navy blue.

To my surprise and delight my friend and colleague presented me with
these lovely foot accouterments as an early birthday gift.

My glee can only be imagined as I set eyes on these beauties.
The next "step" will be to fit into some of those
navy blue clothes in the very back of my closet. ;-)

Thank you so much "M" for being such a good listener
and for being so very thoughtful and generous.

Won't be long 'til I'll be steppin' out in style!


  1. Tell "M" she did a great job. Enjoy those sexy pumps now before you reach the Sensible, Flat, Comfortable shoe stage of your life. It happens all too soon.

  2. Oh "K" I think I'm just about there, I don't think I can wear them much; I'm just happy to sit and look at them and smile. ;-)

  3. They are stupendously gorgeous. Wow. I haven't worn a high heel in years (I guess I went sensible and flat early) but I like looking at them! Makes me miss a very curvy navy suit I used to wear to work back in the 80's - with enormous padded shoulders, wide collar, and silver nautical buttons, over a narrow little skirt.

    Have fun with these! (You can at the very least model them for the NVO, with or without the navy clothes from the back of the closet.)