Friday, December 2, 2011

Advent Calendar Day 2

December 2nd...
As per my friend "K's" recommendation, every effort will be made
to post each day of our advent calendar celebration.

As you may or may not know, I fill the odd number days for the NVO, and he,
the even numbered days for moi.
Today the NVO filled my bag with a note and a Barnes and Noble gift card. 
The note read that we would go to Barnes and Noble for coffee and a treat
and to purchase a new Christmas CD.
The very crafty NVO got around the "minimal cost" rule by using
the Barnes and Noble gift card I gave him for Christmas last year.
It was given to him, in the advent calendar, last year, I might add.
Last years theme was "gift cards", this years theme is "minimal cost activities".
Many may be offended by such a re-gift offering, but I am impressed.
Aha, how very clever he is.
Below is the purchasing result of the outing.
And what an enjoyable outing it was!
This is Josh, and in addition to having a lovely voice, I'm thinking he's kinda'  cute.
Now he sits in our Christmas tree. :-)

Now WE sit and continue last nights puzzle while Josh sings to us from the tree.
Oh, and check out the below Charlie Brown Christmas video set to Outkast's "Hey Ya".
The watching of this youtube video always coincides with the watching of the Charlie Brown Christmas movie each year. This year we watched while we were "puzzling".
The NVO dances like one of the twins...he calls it his "Happy Dance".
The NVO is always happy and that makes me happy!
(Turn music player off at bottom of blog so you don't get both sounds at once.)

Here's to hoping you had a happy December 2nd!!!


  1. Mr. M and I love to go to BN for coffee (tea for me) and treats. It's our favourite date night activity (probably due to the minimal cost effect). We read all the magazines we can't afford to buy, and then we don't need to buy them!

    I have been practicing dancing styles from ACBC for years. Never quite accomplished the running-in-place one though.

    Wow, Josh Grogan IS cute.

  2. Digger - minimal cost is relative.... :-)

    Sue - Hey, the B&N had a Jane Austen crochet magazine, I browsed but did not purchase - I thought of you. :-)

    Which one is your preferred dancing style? Is the running in place the Frankenstein arms one?

    Hehe, re: Josh - it was between him and Buble. Perhaps, Buble next year...