Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent Calendar Day 3

December 3rd...
Coffee and a "Gun Mug" for the NVO.
Today we will visit the NVO's favorite coffee shop in an area of town called "The Avenues" - that's Plan "C". We will also visit the NVO's favorite chocolate shop:
"Hatch Family Chocolates" and indulge in a "Trader Joes Peppermint Jojo" dipped in
Hatch chocolate and covered in crushed candy canes.
Plan "A" was to go to the shooting range, but I really wanted a gun safety class under my belt first. Then, Plan "B" was to take a gun safety class...but that did not happen due to December craziness, so we are sticking with Plan "C".

Here's a progress update on Day 1's puzzle:
Shoot, it's going to be a good day!!!
Hope yours is good, as well!


  1. Fill my coffee mug and nobody gets's loaded with caffeine.

  2. Il avance bien ce puzzle, bon courage pour la partie bleu ciel :)
    Bon dimanche !!!!!!!!

  3. Sounds like the NVO has a bit of redneck in him. Who would have thought?

  4. I think the NVO and Mr. M would get along very well...especially on the coffee front.

    The shooting range is a sort of guilty pleasure, I think. I haven't been since before I got married. It was fun and kind of scary at the same time.

    Great mug!

  5. Domy - The light blue part of the puzzle has been a challenge; luckily the NVO has taken ownership of this puzzle. I piece together parts of a puzzle all day long, at work so, I tend to attack these projects as work. It's been nice to give it up to the NVO.

    K - the NVO spent 26 years in Texas and those Texans love their guns. :-) You are right though it does not seem to go hand in hand with his personality.

    Sue - You hit the nail on the head -scary and fun. I just want to learn how to use in the event I ever have to use it and then put it away and not think about it.

    Digger - nothing is scarier than you loaded with caffeine. ;-)