Monday, December 12, 2011

Advent Calender Day 12

December 12th...
Paper Snowflakes

This was an excellent advent calender activity from the NVO.
(We both think the last time we made these was over 20 years ago.)

Then we hung them on the garland around the windows:
Now if only this activity could just bring on the snow. :-)

Oh, and the "Day 1" puzzle was finished tonight while watching "A Very Merry Muppet Christmas" which, incidently, was the same story as "It's a Wonderful Life".
Wishing you snow (if you want it)
and being home (if you want it, as well)
 for Christmas!!!


  1. Astri hola que belleza divertido y entretenido aparte de decorar tan bonito las ventanas quedan bárbaro los copos de nieve traen alegría un beso Sandra.

  2. Thank you Domy and Sandra. The snowflakes have been super fun and easy to make.

  3. Those snowflakes are just wonderful Astri.

  4. Wow, some very creative and lovely snowflakes here! The one that particularly caught my eye looks like a combination sunburst / skyline. (It caught my eye in the 2013 post too.) :)