Saturday, December 17, 2011

Advent Calender Day 17

December 17th...
Today, I had also planned snowshoeing for our advent activity, unfortunately there was not enough snow, but fortunately, I had a snowshoeing related gift for the NVO that he said was the best gift he had ever received. Sweet!!! You see, before the NVO was a geo-physicist he was a geologist, hence; he loves maps (and rocks). 
A 3-D Map of the three closest canyons to our home. The left hand page is a topographical map of one of the areas in one of the three canyons and the right hand side is an aerial photograph of the same area. Both sides are 3-D.
(Funny thing: we both had to wear our reading glasses underneath the 3-D glasses.)

The NVO will be busy all day with this activity. ;-)

Thank you "K" for the fantastic recommendation.

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