Monday, December 19, 2011

Advent Calender Day 19

December 19th...
This evenings advent activity was to make vision boards for 2012 and beyond.

This was more difficult than we both thought as we both felt we have so much and don't really have need of anything; however, once we got started...

This was the NVO's start:
Deep and endearing...

This was my start:
Not quite so deep...muscles, an organized home and workplace, a bathroom remodel, a paid off home, a fully funded retirement portfolio....I need to learn from the NVO.
Does it all boil down to "Health, Wealth and Happiness?"

We discovered this was more than a one night activity and probably forever evolving, just like we are.  I hope to write a future post about it as it comes together.

#6 started this activity with us, but she decided she didn't need a board because all she wants is to go to graduate school and marry a nice man.

We also watched an episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Home Makeover Edition"
which makes light of vision boards and it made us laugh.

Has the Vision Board of bygone days been replaced by Pinterest?

May visions of vision boards dance in your head this holiday season. :-)


  1. I'm obviously out of the loop. I never heard of a Vision Board until now.

    You do have muscles, you know. But I presume what you want is for them to be more defined. :)

    I like "learning a new language and using it in real life".

  2. Oh yes, more defined muscles...or less of something that's not muscles. ;-) The vision boards come from a book and DVD that were out called "The Secret: The Law of Attraction". They sort of forgot about the action part of it though.