Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Advent Calender Day 21

December 21st...
Playing cards with the snowman deck
and praying for snow.

Have a playful winter solstice!!!


  1. Hola Astri siempre tan alegre, te mando un beso grande y te deseo una muy linda y Feliz Navidad !! junto a tu familia Sandra.

  2. What very fun cards. Not to make you envious or anything, but we got an inch or so of snow last night. It makes all the difference to the Christmas landscape.

  3. I'm sorry I missed this comment. I saw your lovely photos and yes, I must admint I was envius. ;-) We still don't have any here in our valley...but some in the mountains. Come March we'll have plenty and won't want it anymore. There's just no pleasing humans. :-)