Sunday, December 25, 2011

Advent Calender Day 25

December 25th...
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

The following gifts led up to the most fantastic Christmas gift I had ever received!
And the following is what they led up to:

I have always wanted a flagpole; they are all over Norway and many is the USA, as well. I thought if I could fly both flags it would represent so many of my thoughts and feelings. I was hoping this would be our first purchase once we paid off our mortgage and were 100% debt free in May of 2012. It would symbolize freedom; the freedom and opportunities that come from living in the USA and the countless opportunities that have been presented to us as Americans. One such opportunity is the opportunity to pay off our debts. We are so very fortunate and so very grateful to be able to do so for so many reasons, with a special "shout out" to our employers amongst so many other folks that love us and support our crazy ideas. 

To my surprise the NVO granted me the flag wish several months early.
Thank you, NVO, I love you!!!



What a wonderful month it has been and here's a recap of the 25 day activity advent:
1) Putting together a Snoopy puzzle.
2) Bookstore outing and watching "Charlie Brown Christmas".
3) Gun mug with visit to coffee and chocolate shop.
4) Mistletoe and peppermint hot chocolate sipping.
5) Watching "White Christmas" while scratching the NVO's back.
6) *Wrapping paper stars
7) The $1 challenge.
8)  *New Mexico "Luminorio" making
9) and 10) Dress up and take a waltz dance lesson.
11) Vegan Gingerbread Cookies and more puzzle time.
12) *Making paper snowflakes and watching "A Very Muppet Christmas".
13) Kissing under the mistletoe headband.
14) Roasting marshmallows inside the house to make S'mores.
15) Planning our Annual Valentine's Day ice fishing trip.
16) Snacking on mint chocolates and postponing snowshoeing to Christmas Eve to a time we could travel to snowier location.
17) Enjoying the "3D Atlas of the Tri-Canyons" and postponing snowshoeing to Christmas Eve to a snowier location.
18) Drinking Glogg and nibbling Christmas cookies while watching "A Christmas Story".
19) Created "Vision Boards" while watching an episode of"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" that refers to "Vision Boards".
20) Made cranberry and popcorn garland.
21) Played cards with the snowman deck.
22) Built a living room fort and decorated it with paper chains and all the "*" from above.
23) Worked out together at the gym, then had a burger and beer to celebrate the exercise
24) A reading of "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" translated into Norwegian with postponed snowshoeing from 16) and 17).
25) Flagpole with flags. :-)



  1. That is so beautiful, Liz. What a wonderful gift.

    I've enjoyed following you and the NVO on your Advent journey. You are both so creative and thoughtful.

    Hope your Christmas was merry and bright. I'm so glad to have "met" you this year.

  2. What a warm and kind comment, Sue. It was very nice to have "met" you, as well. I look forward to continuing to see what you are up to in 2012. You are an intelligent and talented blogger amongst other things. :-)Thanks for reading in spite of my quick and haphazardly written posts that sometimes do not get proof read before posting. ;-)

  3. Et vive la Norvège et les Norvégiens !!!!!!!!!