Sunday, December 4, 2011

Advent Calender Day 4

December 4th...
Kissing under the mistletoe while sipping on homemade peppermint hot chocolate.

The NVO had these items hidden in the "extra" fridge, in the garage, and printed out a downloaded recipe and placed the recipe in the little advent bag.
Cozy and romantic!
The hot chocolate was enjoyed with candy cane shortbread cookies dipped in
peppermint chocolate that were made earlier in the day,
long before I knew what was in store for the evening.
It was perfect...seems like things go that way for us. 
We are so fortunate!
A few were made without chocolate, too. :-)

See this post for my dad's famous shortbread cookie recipe and some variations. Today, the dough was adjusted by adding crushed candy canes and peppermint extract. The cookies were dipped in  bittersweet chocolate, butter, a little powdered sugar and cream that were melted with a little peppermint extract.
There's a tiny little bit of kosher salt sprinkled on the chocolate, too.

Earlier the NVO drove me past this home, close to where he works, that is decorated in a manner that makes him laugh each time he drives by.
Made me giggle too!
Someone really loves Christmas decorations.
I especially like the full size Grinch by the front door. :-)
We both agreed we must drive by at night...perhaps, I will be reporting back. 

Thanks for a fabulous 4th day of the advent calender, NVO.
You are the best!


  1. oh, oui, oui, oui, une photo de nuit ce doit être bien scintillant :)
    Bon début de semaine !!!!

  2. My sister loves those Ghirardelli 60% chips. She keeps a bag at work and eats them for dessert after lunch.

    So many good things in this post! Cream, butter, chocolate, peppermint, kisses...

    That house renders me speechless.

  3. Domy - I must add learning French to my list, it is so beautiful - how about that word "scintillant", I love it.

    Sue - What a perfect way for your sis to add a special touch to lunch! I hear we are much healthier upon indulging in the these dark chocolate treats. :-) I'll probably say it over and over again, but I my father told me to always use real cream and butter...and what difference it has made!

    The house is perplexing, the thing that I found to be odd was that all the "powered" decor was all in working order. Nothing was broken or collapsed. Hmmmmm...