Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Advent Calender Day 7

December 7th...

The $1 Challenge.
Today,  the activity is to go to the Dollar Store and purchase
the coolest thing the NVO can find for $1.
I suppose he'll have to foot the 7 cent sales tax unless I clean out my purse or car. ;-)

Later today, this is what he found:
A rain gauge...pretty cool, huh?
(Oh, and I did find a quarter in the bottom of my purse.)

Wishing you a thrifty holiday full of bargains and fun!!!


  1. That is pretty cool. Our dollar store doesn't have very many dollar items. Most seem to be $2 or $3.

  2. This store is an old "All a Dollar" so everything is $1, we also have a "Family Dollar" store and like your store many items are more than $1. Then there's "Honks"...everything is $1 except on Tuesday everything is 88 cents. I love it!!!