Friday, December 9, 2011

Advent Calender Day 9 and 10

December 9th and 10th...

Funny thing happened, the NVO and I had similar advent activities planned for the
 9th and 10th with coordinating gifts planned, as well.
 (Minimal cost rule breakers, are we!) 

Tonight we will take a one hour Waltz class and then dance all evening with
 the seniors ("Active Adults" I understand is the P.C. term).
The NVO is an "Active Adult", I, on the other hand, am an "Inactive Adult" teehee.

You see, we have taken some ballroom dance classes in the past couple of years, mostly through community education, but a few at our local "Dance Centre." At the "Dance Center" there is a lovely couple that always wears coordinating outfits. Outwardly we have voiced that we thought this was a bit silly and sweet, however; secretly we have both wanted to emulate them, perhaps it has something to do with their excellent dancing style. They are a joy to watch; so very graceful and stylish.
This stylish couple, to which I refer, wears the Autumn colors: bronze, orange, brown and teal/green. She's a redhead and looks great in these colors. We are both very fair blue-eyed blondes and do better with the jewel we think lavender is a natural for us. (Or at least I do; the NVO may have a different idea, but he does allow me to be the color boss.)

So, for the 9th and the 10th the NVO and I gave each other matching items to complete a lavender/purple ensemble for dancing.

He gave me this beautiful lavender necklace:

and I gave him this shirt, sweater, tie combo:
And get this....purple is the color of the Norwegian Advent.
How about that? The same colors and the same thoughts.
Isn't that wild and crazy?
I'll tell ya', it goes that way with us, if we had dogs we would be one of those couples with dogs that would look like us.

Happy Purple Adventing!!!


  1. Lavender has been my favourite colour since I was 2. What a very gorgeous tie that is. A happy purple Advent to you as well, and may your hearts be as light as your feet tonight.

  2. Hola Astri me encanta pasar por tu blog,que divertido el baile y muy linda elección esos colores, que la pasen lindo un beso Sandra.

  3. Thanks you Sue and Sandra.

    Hoping to see something in those colors pop-up on your blogs too. :-)

  4. Hola Astri yo nuevamente quería contarte que estoy intentando seguir tu blog pero me cuesta mucho entrar espero lograrlo un beso Sandra.

  5. Hi Sandra - looks like you were finally able to follow. Makes me feel so good. Thank you!