Friday, February 10, 2012

Cabinet Organizing #8

"A cabinet a day keeps the doctor away"
~Quote by Little Bug

Coat Cabinet
The NVO brought this beautiful antique "Coat Closet' with him when
we joined our lives in our humble little cottage.

It was NOT so beautiful inside...
I have accomplished messing up this one too.
(The NVO is very patient. )

Now, after very little effort, it's a tad bit better:
On the top shelf, the NVO's stuff on the right and the middle and mine on the left, then for the main part where the coats hang, all I can say is that I hog all the closets in the house. Po' NVO.
Something must be done about this....another day, perhaps. :-)

Why is this so difficult to do when it takes less than an hour and 
feels so much better afterwards?

There is another area by our garage door that also houses bags and coats, as well.
BEFORE                                                 AFTER
Does not look much different at all; however, the difference lies inside the...
...walking bag, has been packed and organized and 
is ready to go at a moments notice and the...

...gym bag...packed and ready to go, as well.

SO I suppose I can't use the following excuses anymore:
1) I can't exercise as I have to organize a cabinet, instead.
2) I can't exercise, my exercise stuff is not readily available.

So off to exercise I go.
Good-bye for now and if you have any 
organizing stories I would love to hear about them!

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  1. My goodness! You have been on an organizing spree over there. I had so many plans of things I was gonna accomplish this weekend but barely did a thing. Hubby is away on a business trip and all I want to do is kick back. I am doing a bit of cleaning today, but have also enjoyed cooking and baking and crocheting. My favorite things to do. Oh! And eating and blogging. Happy day to you. Tammy