Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cabinet Organizing #9

Refrigerator Front
This isn't really a cabinet; however, 
it was in need of a little organizing along with the "Household Binder"
so I threw it into the mix.

This photo is upon completion:

Here it is before:
See that binder that is on the bottom right-hand side of the photo...
...we'll that is our "Household Binder", it is the center of our household universe.
Many of these items that were plastered on the front of the refrigerator belonged in there.
So now they have been filed and they are handy and visual.
(Check out that Hummingbird Calendar, cute, huh?. :-)  )

The "Household Binder" has all kinds of handy items in it.
Everything is in plastic sheets, so the sheets can even be written on with dry erase markers.
They are in a container behind the binder and the binder sits on a recipe holder.

Here are some of the sections the binder is divided into:
1) Schedules
2) Recipes for the week
3) To do lists
4) Coupons
5) Goals
6) Shopping lists
7) Contact list
8) Exercise and diet information
9) Emergency info
I will likely post about this again, in more detail, in the future, cuz it's pretty cool,
but I won't subject you to anymore now.
Luckily the NVO and Little Bug are really good about updating 
and utilizing this information center.
It works real slick (if I do my part and clean-out and update weekly.)
I do wish I had a better name for it though. 
Any suggestions?

The cabinet posts are beginning to bore me. I am sure you were bored long ago, so this will be the last one for while (maybe a very long while), plus I accidently purchased four new lacy plates this evening that are MUCH more interesting to photograph and write about! 
I'll change post directions tomorrow. :-)


  1. I wish I could muster up that much energy for organizing. Sometimes it's more than enough just to do what needs to be done each and every day. Wishing you a great new week. Tammy

  2. Ah mais non ! Moi je m'amuse à regarder l'évolution de l'intérieur de tes placards :) N'apprend t-on pas à connaître quelqu'un en regardant ses placards ?
    Dans ma cuisine, je ne pourrais pas parer mon réfrigérateur d'autant de pense-bêtes car la façade du mien est en glace !!! Ce n'est pas possible d'appliquer un post-it dessus ;-)
    Par contre je peux sur le côté en métal mais comme c'est juste au-dessus de ma plaque de cuisson, ce n'est pas l'emplacement idéal pour garder les papiers !!!!!
    J'ai déjà eu l'occasion de montrer la façade de mon réfrigérateur sur mon blog en démontrant l'efficacité d'une lavette que j'avais confectionnée.

    Bonne fin de dimanche et à la semaine prochaine ....