Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Organizing Cabinet #6

Cleaning Product Cabinets
I know this is more than one cabinet, but they were all so closely related, housing the same type of items and all, that I lumped them into one post. You may be as ready as I am to get on with something slightly more interesting, such as a project made from the rose granny squares or a "give away", but I made the rule so now I gotta' stick to it.
The plan is to finish with these organizing posts by Valentine's Day.
Please bear with me whilst I bare my cabinets...or just come back on the 14th. :-)

This is "AFTER"
(I like to start on a positive note.)
Cleaning Supply Cabinet aka Broom Closet. 
Top half
Top half - showing off hooks for "Schmop" covers.
Bottom half

and get ready for this...

The following is
Cleaning Supply Cabinet aka Broom closet.
Bad, bad, bad, bad Astri!

(Close-up of the top half of the cabinet)
As if the further away photo was not bad enough!
(Close-up of the bottom half of the cabinet)
The remnants of an organizing effort from the past;
what's inside these bins is not what the labels state. 
Lies, I tell you lies!

In the cabinets in the following photos the cleaning supplies were specific to the area of the house in which they were located. That was the old system. Now, I am fortunate to have some help every other week and that is not the system of my helper. She likes certain products that she carries with her from room to room. So I have consolidated them all into a carrier and placed in this cabinet/closet. With work and blogging and all (and blogging about cleaning instead of actually cleaning) I don't spend the time I formerly spent on cleaning, only the occasional in between times and when I do I will just grab the handy carrier, too!  

I've been dreading these cabinets because of it involving a revamp of the aforementioned "Cleaning System." Formerly,  as stated above, there were a set of cleaning supplies under each sink in the house. I don't use all these products and I think a lot of them accomplish the same thing; however, my helper keeps requesting or bringing them. I am generally at work when she comes, but I would like to use these up and then replace them with some "Earth Friendlier" products. It will take some communicating and I must be very gentle
 as she is so sweet, sensitive and apologetic. 
More baby steps.

Now for the "Under the Sink" area 
Under the half bath sink
Under the kitchen sink
Under the main bathroom sink

Lots of repetitive stuff, huh?

Now for the fruits of my labor...
the "Under the Sink" area 
Under the half bath sink
(Made room for a few of Little Bug's things while she's living here finishing up her degree.)
Under the kitchen sink
Under the main bathroom sink

I dream of that day when these "under the sink" areas will be scrubbed down and painted and spruced up a little more...oh, if only I wanted to make the time. :-)

I suppose it's all about creating a system...
or at least starting to create one. ;-)

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  1. Hi, just found your blog via icrochet. Your blog is so interesting...I love your crochet projects....everything is so pretty :-)
    Thanks for the inspiration....your photos are awesome.
    I have ordered 3 patterns from Country Mouse - I adore the afghan blanket you've made.