Monday, November 25, 2013

Cando Day 1: A New Year-A New Plan

Today is my birthday :-)

SO...I got to thinking, it's a great time to renew my
commitment to a healthy lifestyle and to blog about it.
A New Year's resolution of sorts.
And a birthday present to myself. :-)

I want to share my new plan with you.

I'm calling it the "Cando" plan, not to be confused with the "Candy" plan,
which is the last plan I tried. It did not work. ;-)

It's the "Cando" plan because the emphasize will be on what I "can" do instead of "can't".

I will be focusing on many different aspects of health; however,
 my first goal for this plan is to get into a healthy weight range.
This was my weight this morning.
(Yes, I had to take a deep breath and publish it.)

 As per the below excerpt from this book,
 recommended by the Nurse Practitioner
 at my doctor's office, I do not fall into this range. 
I'm 5'4"...that's means my healthy weight is 108-132 with a goal of 120!!!
It was a rude (SO rude) awakening, as you can see from my weight this morning I do not fall into this "range"
...but I believe it is something I "can" do.

So as part of this plan I will make lots of little changes and post about them.

I will post my weight for the first (next) 7 days of my new lifestyle.
We all know it goes fast that first week with all that water loss and enthusiasm and all.
After the first week, I will post my weight every Monday.
I understand that the scale is not a good indication of health, but for a numbers gal like me it works.

And for you readers that are more interested in the other things I blog about, 
I will continue to post about those next week. 
I've got a great crocheted chevron infinity scarf coming up!

This first week, however, will be all about this plan.
After this first week, Monday weigh-ins will continue until I reach my goal weight.
Once I meet my goal, a monthly weigh-in, as "they" say maintenance is the most difficult part.

I hope to hear from you along the way and I am looking forward to some "tough love" support. :-)


  1. Happy Birthday Astri!! I wish you the best with your new 'Cando' plan. :)

  2. Happy Birthday from me, too. I hope you will have lots of fun today. And good luck for your new cando-plan.


  3. Happy Birthday Astri!!!! You CANDO it!!! I think that chart is off. But hey, what do I know. You are beautiful!
    xo Kris

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you get all that you want.

  5. Congrats to you Astri and have a really nice day.
    Good luck with your cando plan!

    Groetjes, Monique

  6. Happy Birthday and good luck with cando!

  7. Happy Birthday , Astri ! I wish you good luck with your 'cando' plan...I will be starting a plan on December too!

  8. Happy Birthday Astri! Hope your day was lovely yesterday and that the year ahead will be full of happiness. I am a great believer in the "can do" approach to these things - there's nothing more dispiriting than starting something one isn't going to be able to see through so can do goals are the way to go. I've found that this year about exercise - my job is pretty sedentary and when it got the point that I was huffing and puffing up a slight hill I felt enough was enough and have integrated walking every day into my normal routine precisely on the basis of the can do-ability of it. Previous more ambitious attempts to include more high profile exercise just failed miserably. All grist to your mill, Astri - I'm rooting for you! And like you I need numbers on these things even though I am not really a numbers girl in other ways! E xx

  9. Happy Birthday Astri! hope you have great day and you are allowed to forget about any plans today...just enjoy it it's your birthday! Well done on taking the bull by the horns as it were and doing something about it, I have put my plans off until the New Year because I know with the festive season coming up I won't have the will power to sustain it, but I really must get back to zumba and I will in January, why don't you join me ? :)

  10. Gratulerer med dagen!! Lykke til med din plan! :-)

  11. Oh Happy Birthday!

    Are you sure CANDO isn't sort of short for CANDY... :-)


  12. Happy Birthday and good luck with you goal - now its 'out there' there is no going back!!

  13. Happy Birthday Astri! I have faith that you will do great on your plan.

  14. С Днем Рождения, Astri! Я желаю тебе большого счастья, успехов в твоем творчестве, хорошего настроения и много-много счастья. Я верю, что у тебя все получится!

  15. Happy birthday Astri!

    Good for you with your "Can-do" plan and blogging about it is the best way to stay with it. When I blogged about my 5K goals, it was a huge help knowing I was going to blog about it each Monday. It really forced me to get up and run. You might want to consider incorporating running into your program. It's a great way to lose weight. Good luck sweetie - I'll be here cheering you on.

  16. Feliz Cumpleaños Astri!!!! ♥ que se cumplan todos tus sueños y en particular este el de tu plan yo también estoy excedida con mucho peso y realmente me esta afectando la salud ya estoy caminando y va mucho mejor, 1 hora diaria es muy buena par todo espero que tengas mucha suerte con tu plan y disfruta de tu día como Dios manda besitos.

  17. Happy Birthday and good luck with your quest. I think I should be joining you but I think I will look like a skeleton if I go down to the weight they recommend!
    Love from Mum

  18. Boldog születésnapot!! HAJRÁ! Legyél ügyes!

  19. I have faith in you Astri that you will do whatever you set your mind to. My doctor told me that if I didn't take the pills she recommended so that I could continue to have a period then I would be moody, cry all the time, gain weight, and basically be miserable. I refused to take the pills. My period stopped 15 months ago and I have never felt better. I've been vegetarian for nearly 5 years. And mostly vegan since April. I tell you, cutting out that dairy sure has helped me to lose weight even when I wasn't really trying. I'm about 130 lbs and 5' 6-1/2. I was 120 years ago but that meant working my butt off each and every day. I'm happy with where I am at -- though I would like my tummy to be more toned. Walking is definitely my favorite form of exercise, and its' free. Deciding to give up meat and dairy was for moral and health reasons. But I believe it has helped me to breeze right through menopause. Wishing you all the best, Tammy

  20. P.S. Happy birthday!!!!!!!! And many more!!!!! :)

  21. Happy Belated Birthday!

    P.S. That chart sucks. (I say that because I too am 5-4 and weigh about what your scale revealed this morning.) Ah me. :)