Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cando Day 2: Water

I CAN drink 64 oz of water

I CAN fill this 32 oz mug up twice and drink it in one day, everyday.
(Mug cover from this post).

This morning's stats and thoughts:
(I must find better lighting in the morning.)

The below chart will be updated with each weigh-in.
Please note, I have allowed for a stable weight over Thanksgiving versus a loss.
We are hosting this year, but we CAN provide a healthy meal for our guests.
Goals are set at 5 lbs the first week and 1.5 lbs per subsequent week.
Weigh-ins are daily for one week and then weekly until goal is reached.
Adjustments along the way may be needed as I suspect that 120 may be too low for me.
I won't know until I get close, so until then I will follow the doctor's advise and forge on.

Hey, I discovered that if I create a really narrow chart, 
like the one above, the weight loss looks very dramatic. ;-)

Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments and support. 
I have replied to all of you unless you are a no-reply commenter.
Please know that all comments mean so much whether I can reply via email or not!



  1. I'm with you on the water! I NEED to drink more water 'cause I'm drinking way to little each day. so I will support you on this and follow along with you!
    And I too need to loose a lot of weight. Maybe I'll join you in that journey as well, only after all the festivities the coming month.

  2. I drink a ton of water a day, it is my favorite drink to have. Good for you on the weight loss, my goal should be more exercise. I am so bad at that. Keep up the great work.

  3. I find it difficult to drink large quantities of plain water so I may just have to hook up a nice hooky mug cover to encourage me! I love your chart - and keep it narrow - it's encouraging to see how close your goal looks like that & encouragement and motivation are closely related. E x

  4. Oh good for you starting your new healthy plan! And Happy Birthday as well. Hmmm your scale numbers look a lot like mine. Not so bad if your say 5'7 inches, but at 5'2 (me) I'm looking "fluffy".(I'm cutting way back on the carbs.) Keep up the good work, I will be cheering you on!

  5. Great idea with that chart. I know you're serious! I drink several glasses of iced tea all day, plus a bottle of water, and at least 1 smoothie at night.

  6. Drinking enough water is always hard for me too!

  7. Well done and keep up the good work, I have started my own diet as my middle bit is starting to spread - not a good sight! You have inspired me to drink more water and follow you, fabulous post thanks so much
    Big well done hugs

  8. That cute crochet cover's gotta help! Keep on sippin'! :D