Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cando Day 3: Walking

I CAN walk a 5K in less than an hour 5 days per week.
I CAN walk more than that if I want.
I CAN even add a little running if I feel like it. (Maybe)

Nearly two years ago I purchased running shoes, they were $109 and they were awesome.
They are worn out and I'm walking now instead of running.
This year, since I am having fun being on a budget, I reverted to purchasing a controversial shoe that served me well in the past. "Someone" claimed that the health benefit claims, the manufacturer presented were not valid, but I liked them and they were comfortable so I felt lucky to find them again...
...and check out the best part:
Yup, that's what I like.

I CAN listen to the "Mockingjay" by Suzanne Collins as long as I am walking.
(I love the "Hunger Games" books and the movies, and that movie "Catching Fire" was so good!)
This listening rule while walking has been one of my best fitness motivators.

Hey, remember this "Crochet Addicts Dangling Carrot Running Headband"?:
It's from this post.
It was a really good motivator, as well.
I wonder if it would work for walking?
In fact my awesome friend, that made this for me, 
was willing to celebrate my birthday with me by going for a walk together.
What a terrific friend! 
I wish you were all here and we could walk together too!

This morning's stats and thoughts:
(Still looking for better lighting in the morning.)

The below chart will be updated with each weigh-in.
Please note, I have allowed for a stable weight over Thanksgiving versus a loss.
Goals are set a 5 lbs loss the first week and 1.5 lbs per subsequent week.
Weigh-ins are daily for one week and then weekly until goal is reached.
Adjustments along the way may be needed, as I suspect that 120 may be too low for me.
I won't know until I get close, so until then I will follow the doctor's advise and forge on.

See you tomorrow for the biggest food day of the year here in the USA!


  1. Walking is good - flexible and easy to increase in amount as one gets fitter! I walk early every morning - I shall think of you tomorrow even though our time zones are different and we are half a world away - you have company here! E x

  2. I love walking too Astri, it's even better if you have some pleasant scenery to view as you stride past, I found those pedometers very motivating too, I know they aren't exactly accurate but it's great to see how many steps you have actually taken. You are going in the right direction my friend and I admire your determination.Have a great thanksgiving! :)

  3. Astri you are doing so well and we are all so proud of you, well done. I have now started my Christmas diet to get into that little dress which I cannot zip up any more! You are inspiring me Astri - thank you so much, big hugs

  4. Hi Astri! Happy Birthday! Good for you with this new plan. I wish I could get started. I love walking, but I'm just not motivated. I need to be. Maybe the inspiration you are giving out will be a help to me. You go girl, and maybe I'll catch up with you. I still love that wreath in all it's forms. The colors are so warm and pretty. They make me smile. xxoo. JO

  5. You go girl! You may have even inspired me to get moving myself! I used to do The Turkey Trot 5K on Thanksgiving morning!!
    Ha...not tomorrow!!
    xo Kris

  6. Are those Sketchers Shape Ups I see? OMG - that is the exact shoe I wear too. Everyone tells me they are not the shoe to be wearing while running but they have worked for me since I started. I wanted to buy some new running shoes, but I can't afford the cost right now.

    You are rocking your Can-do Program. Happy Thanksgiving! xo

  7. You are awsome Astri and may inspire me to get back on the health/loss side of things!!
    Just catching up as have been away with limited internett and blogging when I could. Keep it up.

  8. I would walk with you any morning! Walking is great - throw in some speedwalking intervals and you've got a really great workout with extra calorie burn. :)