Thursday, November 28, 2013

Cando Day 4: A Healthy Meal for Guests

I CAN plan and prepare a healthy meal for guests on the biggest food day of the year.

 Today's CANDO Menu:

Acorn Squash soup with smoked paprika infused turkey.
Turkey is substituted for chicken from this recipe.

Sweet Potatoes:

A favorite summer fruit salad/combo,
clementines, strawberries and mint from this post.

Deviled Eggs:
Coconut Ice Cream with Macaroons:
(Coconut Ice cream, a birthday gift from neighbors. Score!!!)
And I'm trying this recipe for the macaroons.

Brussels Sprouts will be provided by #6 Little Bug.
She has a recipe that she loves and I can't wait!

We have a small group of five, this year. 
The three guests are all in their twenties so we are hoping to glean some youthful energy from them. :-) 

*Every effort has been made to use as many whole unprocessed foods as possible.
A fresh organic free-range turkey and homemade ice cream made with cream from grass fed non-injected cows roaming freely would have been nice and preferred; however, this is the year of the "resigned from my job budget" and the final exam for my accounting class deadline was yesterday. I have adjusted based on budget and time.

It is in the forefront of my mind; however, to figure out how to pull off the *above type of food plan on a budget, as I believe the money spent will offset health care costs in the future.
 More posts to come regarding this subject; it's a tricky one.

This morning's stats and thoughts:

The below chart will be updated with each weigh-in.
Please note, I have allowed for a stable weight over Thanksgiving versus a loss.

Goals are set at 5 lbs loss the first week and 1.5 lbs per subsequent week.
Weigh-ins are daily for one week and then weekly until goal is reached.
Adjustments along the way may be needed, as I suspect that 120 may be too low for me.
I won't know until I get close, so until then I will follow the doctor's advise and forge on.

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate this holiday!

I am grateful for all my reader friends!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Astri to you and yours! Your menu looks both delicious and healthy and any long term healthy eating plan has to allow for holidays and celebrations to break the everyday regimen anyway otherwise again these things aren't sustainable, I've found. Enjoy! I hope you're pleased with your progress so far on that chart - it's inspirational! E x

  2. 145 - You kick butt girl!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Astri and well done on your progress, you are fabulous. Big hugs to you

  4. Sounds delicious. We did splurge on a fresh farm turkey from Whole Foods - boy was it worth it. And we made our own ice cream too, though I don't think the cows that supplied the cream were grass-fed. But it still tasted great and the cream had no additives. :)

    You're right about spending money on decent food now vs. on healthcare later. There was a great article in Mother Earth News a few years ago about how we can't afford NOT to buy organic - how commercial farming costs more in the long run in terms of damage to the earth and damage to our health. I wish I could buy more organic - we do what we can but it would be great to do more. That ol' budget thing again! :)