Friday, November 29, 2013

Cando Day 5: Eat until 6:30 PM

I CAN eat until 6:30 PM everyday.

Whatever tempts me after 6:30 PM, I tell myself I CAN eat it in the morning.
I rarely feel like it in the morning.

Then after 6:30 PM I CAN relax and crochet until the wee hours of the morning.
(Just ask the NVO. ;-) )

This is a chevron infinity scarf in hdc; I work on it and several other scarves just like it in different colors,
 during the evenings, as an me alternative to eating and thinking about food after 6:30 PM.
(I will post this free pattern and the completed scarves next week. :-))

Yesterday's festivities included lots of youthful energy as well as a healthy meal:
That's Chris, Little Bug, Maegan and the NVO. :-)
Delightful company, for sure.

This morning's stats and thoughts:
The first Thanksgiving with a loss....ever!
I can't believe it - thank you reader friends, you really help.

Charted weight-loss:
Goals are set at 5 lbs loss the first week and 1.5 lbs per subsequent week.
Weigh-ins are daily for one week and then weekly until goal is reached.
Adjustments along the way may be needed, as I suspect that 120 may be too low for me.
I won't know until I get close, so until then I will follow the doctor's advise and forge on.

What do you do for fun and relaxation in the evenings?


  1. That's a lovely family photo Astri and well done on maintaining your weight loss. That's a good idea no eating after 6.30 because that's when I tend to nibble the most. Love the ripple scarf rippling is so much fun. :)

  2. Eating late it's so easy to overeat - I think this is a brilliant idea and you get plenty of uninterrupted crochet time too! Love your chevron scarf with all those happy colour changes - good for body and soul! E x

  3. What a beautiful family you have. The no eating after 6:30 rule is a good one.

  4. Great family photo. Love the chevron crochet. Xx

  5. A beautiful family, a beautiful dinner and weight loss! Hooray!

  6. In the evening I crochet and blog. And crochet. :)

    That's a great idea to set a food curfew - I've never been able to do it. Good for you.

    P.S. Our Thanksgiving dinner was really healthy too, now that I think about it. :D