Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cando Day 6: Read

I CAN read and continue to learn.

Here are three books that I CAN read to help me along the way.
The plan will somewhat be based on concepts from each of these books;
 hence, creating a customized program that CAN work for me.
The first book was recommended by "Little Bug", the Health Educator.
The second book was recommended by "Precious", our daughter in Louisiana.
After reading this book at the beginning of this year, we attended an awesome seminar,
 by the authors of this book, and implemented their 30 day plan and felt awesome.
And the third book was recommended by the Nurse Practitioner, at my doctor's office,
upon hearing my complaints about "this phase" of life.

This morning's stats and thoughts:
Up .6 from yesterday.
That's OK - it happens so today I can:
Drink water
Snack Check

Tonight will be a challenge as we are meeting friends for dinner and a holiday parade.
I have checked the dinner menu at the restaurant and I have a plan: the steak salad sounds really good.
Looking forward to spending time with friends.

Charted weight-loss:

Goals are set at 5 lbs loss the first week and 1.5 lbs per subsequent week.
Weigh-ins are daily for one week and then weekly until goal is reached.
Adjustments along the way may be needed, as I suspect that 120 may be too low for me.
I won't know until I get close, so until then I will follow the doctor's advise and forge on.


  1. Sometimes you just add a little weight for no apparent reason. Not to worry. Enjoy your evening out!

  2. Reading is great and not just diet plan books - anything and everything - totally calorie free and exercises the mind and feeds the soul to boot! Enjoy your evening out and take the long view on the ups and downs - you're succeeding wonderfully! E x

  3. Congrats on the weight-loss plan. I really should join you but I don't think I could share it on my blog. You are quite brave.

  4. You are brave! Kudos to you for doing this. I hope the steak salad was succulent and delicious. :)