Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cando Day 7: Wash Hands

I CAN wash my hands, as often as recommended by the "experts", 
as a defense against getting sick.

And make it pleasant with a yummy smelling soap:
There's been a lot of hand-washing and a lot of exercise running back and forth
 to the ladies room with all the water I have been drinking, lately.
I believe it will help me stay healthy so that I can stick with my plan.

This morning's stats and thoughts:
.4 away from tomorrows goal.
I CAN do it!

Charted weight-loss:
The chart was adjusted a bit as I had an error in the formula. 
It was calculating a 1.5 weight loss goal from today until tomorrow; hence, 
setting my weekly goal as a daily goal. The correction extended the goal by one week, 
but that's OK because it ends on 3/31/13 now, and I like the sound of the end of a month.

 If anyone wants this chart with the formulas, I would be happy to send the Excel worksheet. 
Email me at and I will gladly send it and you can customize it to your own plan.
The chart automatically updates with each entry from the data on the left.
Goals:  5 lb loss the first week and 1.5 lb per subsequent week.
Tomorrow begins the weekly weigh-in. Yay!

Have a Clean Day !?!


  1. You are doing Great!!!!!!

  2. Wow! I need to go back and catch up on the other posts. Great work!

  3. I am a great believer in hand-washing. I know it's basic and old-fashioned but when one starts thinking about it, it's common sense and so simple. Once it had occurred to me what could lurk on money, public handrails and the like, my mother's constant injunction to us when we were children to wash our hands before eating suddenly took on a whole new wisdom! And you know what those samples taken from bowls of nuts etc in bars and even holy water stoups in churches have revealed... Yes, well, say no more! Keep your lovely soap handy! E x