Monday, December 2, 2013

Cando Week Ending 1: Sleep

I CAN get the amount of sleep needed for me.
Which is generally about 8 hours.
Sometimes this goal is reached with a nap during the day.
(More info on clock is here.)

This morning's stats and thoughts:
I reached my first week goal, which was 144.8
Now it's time to switch to a weekly weigh-in post, although I will likely be interjecting 
Cando posts without weigh-ins in-between (time permitting).
Next weigh-in post: Monday 12/9/13.

Last week was a challenge with the holiday and all;
however, this coming weekend we head to Sun Valley, Idaho
 for three days of R and R.
That will be a different type of challenge.
I CAN stay on my plan in spite of a mini-vacation.

On a different subject, but sort of the same...
I would like to recommend a blog that has helped and supported me along the way:
Goodness, what a heart Tony has to have accomplished what he did.
Be sure to check out his story along with the before and after photos.
Inspiring, to say the least.
Tony's mom, Kim is one of my biggest cheerleaders and for this I am forever grateful.
Kim is warm, kind and supportive, just what I needed in this first week
 and into the future to "keep on trucking".
Tony has posted an awesome summary of my program which can be found here.
Do drop by if you get a chance.

Charted Progress:

Goals:  5 lb loss the first week and 1.5 lb per subsequent week.

 If anyone wants this chart with the formulas, I would be happy to send the Excel worksheet. 
Email me at and I will gladly send it and you can customize it to your own plan.
The chart automatically updates with each entry from the data on the left.

Have a Restful Day !


  1. You are doing really well Astri and it sounds like you are able to achieve any challenge you set for yourself, I'm sure you will do fine this next weekend, the most important thing is for you to enjoy yourself. :)

  2. Hey Astri,
    that's a really tough plan. But I really think you can handle that, because of your burning ambition ;-)
    Don't let you get down if you don't loose the intended weight, every body is different. Your main aim, to reach the 120 should be higher than your weekly aims. Wish you all the best and hope to read more from you.

    Greets from Germany

  3. You've made a fantastic start. Thanks for sharing your goals and your program on my blog.

  4. Well done Astri! You should feel really pleased and encouraged! Sleep is vital - too little and everything goes awry in my book including sensible eating. The two things shouldn't be related but somehow when one is tired, motivation and good sense can take a nose dive and chocolate suddenly looks incredibly enticing! E x

  5. You are an inspiration! Keep going!

  6. Big Congrats on reaching your goal!