Monday, December 23, 2013

Cando Week Ending 4: Honesty

I CAN be honest.
I CAN honestly tell you that I gained 1.6 pounds this week.
We had a party.
I baked and cooked for two days.
That says it all, right?

I CAN be easy on myself.
I CAN get back on the wagon.

I CAN get rid of the leftovers. :-)
I CAN also increase activity by going snowshoeing to help mitigate the damage. ;-)
(This was yesterday in Millcreek Canyon, close to our home.)
We'll go again tomorrow.

Lesson learned:
Allow for this just like Thanksgiving.

This morning's stats:
Up 1.6 pounds

Charted Progress:

Goals:  5 lb loss the first week and 1.5 lb per subsequent week.

 If anyone wants this chart with the formulas, I would be happy to send the Excel worksheet. 
Email me at and I will gladly send it and you can customize it to your own plan.
The chart automatically updates with each entry from the data on the left.

Happy Holidays!


  1. That's ok. Just get back to it, and you will be fine! Keep it up, girl. xxoo. JO

  2. I think this sort of occurrence is the acid test for long term weight loss plans. Life happens and it's too short to cancel all parties until one feels a target weight is reached so it's inevitable that there will be upward blips from time to time; it's whether those blips knock one off course in the longer term that matters. They don't have to knock one off course but sometimes it feels as if it's hard to revert to one's good habits, I find anyway! I think you're amazingly focussed so this may not apply to you! Anyway rooting for you across the Atlantic & wishing you a very happy Christmas & wonderful 2014 - so lovely to have discovered your blog this year - thank you for all your inspiration! E x

  3. All that food looked amazing!!

    Hey, next week you could step on the scale and have lost 2 pounds. Don't obsess too much over that "gain." Tony said it could be water weight and glycogen. You should drop it back off. Merry Christmas!!

  4. Only 1.6 this time of year? Well I think you are doing terrific.
    Hugs and Merry Christmas.