Wednesday, January 1, 2014

CANDO: New Year Adjustment and Preparation!

Many of you have indicated that you would like to join along with the CANDO plan.
And for this, I am delighted!
So I have adjusted my goals based on real life and a few holiday hiccups.
I have not changed the past. :-)

I will start the renewed commitment on Monday January 6th, as per the adjustment in this chart,
which will be adjusted again that day, according to the actual weigh-in weight.
(Please email me at if you would like this chart; 
it can be adjusted for your goals.)

*Please see below for how to join the CANDO fun and be sure to check 
with your health care professional before starting this plan.
 I am not a health care professional, or a licensed nutritionist or trainer.
I am just simply an accountant and like tracking numbers. :-)
If you would like, I will be charting your progress and letting you know
 what CAN work for me. And I am hoping you will share what CAN work for you!

 Our holiday celebration goes until the 12th Day of Christmas...
that would be Sunday January 5th, so Monday the 6th is a good day to renew the commitment.
Our basic/standard eating plan has been healthy through the holidays
 with a few treats thrown in here and there for good measure. ;-)
We have an "eggnog" party to attend Sunday evening and I weigh-in the next morning. Yelp!
I have also scheduled a sweet treat post for tomorrow that you might want to ignore. ;-)

All I can say is January will be a good month for my renewed commitment
 to my health and fitness plan known as the "CANDO" plan, previously blogged about here.
Starting Monday the 6th, I will again weigh-in each day for a week and then weigh-in each following Monday.

This puts my goal out to 4/28/14 from the original 3/31/13 but that's okay!
(Please note I have allowed for no weigh loss for the week that includes
Valentine's Day as this is our annual ice fishing trip,
 and I will be indulging in more than fish, especially if they are not biting. ;-))

So from now until Sunday night I CAN get prepared:

I CAN clean out the pantry and refrigerator.
 I CAN stock up on plenty of fresh or frozen non-starchy veggies, lean proteins and oranges.
I CAN prepare pre-made packets of these foods.

For the first week my diet CAN be unlimited lean high-quality protein and non-starchy vegetables, 
two oranges a day, and 64 oz water...all consumed before 6:30 PM.
I CAN use coconut oil as my only additional fat source.
I CAN drink lots of decaf coffee.
More about this on Monday.

*If you would like your progress to be tracked, 
there will be a page (tab) on my blog.
 I will add your progress to this a group chart.
It will look like this example:
(It tracks total weight loss to date, which is not necessarily the best or only indicator of health,
 but it works for the number crunchers, like me...)

I will use whatever name you would like. I can include a link back to you,
 if you would like or you can remain anonymous.

This is all you have to do to join in on the fun:

Send an email to
Please indicate you would like to be included in the tracking spreadsheet/chart.
Include what name you would like to use. 
Optional: Include a URL link if you would like me to include that on the list of participants.

Then on each weigh-in day:
Send me an email indicating total weight lost and I will update the page.

I would also love to hear about your hints and tips.
 Just leave a comment in the weekly Monday posts or send me an email.

Also, for any of you who would like to run or exercise everyday in January,
 check the Janathon here for additional fun!
Thank you Kim at Snug Harbor Bay, for recommending Janathon.

2014 is going to be a very good year!


  1. As always I will be following your progress and cheering you on! Thanks for the link back about the Janathon. Day 1 for me today. I still have to blog about it but we're too busy plowing snow. Grrrr...... I'm already behind. LOL!

  2. Lean protein ... good for you!

    It's so cold here that I've been craving fatty foods ... (at least I think it's the cold - or it might be hormones) ... cheese and sausage-y meats especially. Not very lean I'm afraid! And the homemade ice cream we took to my sister's for New Year's also really hit the spot. Ah well. My sister says "fat doesn't make you fat, carbs make you fat". I don't know if it's true but right now I am comforting myself with it. :)

    You go, girl!

  3. Happy new year and good luck with your plan. I'm going to try and get back to normal eating today as we've eaten far too much over the last week. We were chatting last night and working out what we don't need to buy next year. Chocolate and crisps....we've had far too many. Take care xx

  4. Happy New Year! I'm in! I will email you. xxoo. JO

  5. Look how motivating you are!!!! I love that you have so many friends joining in. Best of luck,

  6. It is great what you are doing! I would join in but internet access is all over the place, just back from a 2wk
    missing in action with family lol. But I will use lurking here as a great motivator for me. xo