Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 2 of CANDO 2014: Big Steak

I CAN eat a big rib-eye steak for dinner and still be down 1.8 lbs!
Last night dinner was ready at 6:15 PM, 
so in order to be done eating by 6:30 PM I did not take the time to take any pictures. ;-)
The steak was accompanied by roasted cauliflower.
(Cauliflower tossed with sea salt, freshly ground pepper a little coconut oil, 
baked at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes. I ate half a head!)
I did; however, take a photo of the chunky applesauce I made for snacks.
Peeled, cored, chopped and cooked with a little water, lots of cinnamon and a few packets of Truvia.
This week I CAN have two citrus fruits per day and next week I will expand the fruit list to include apples and berries, as well.
(But still just two servings per day. If I start eating more than two fruits per day it instantly interferes with my weight loss. In fact, if I plateau or start gaining, too much fruit is generally the culprit and I CAN eliminate one serving and replace it with a vegetable.)
 The apples are ready for next week!

So here is the result of that steak and cauliflower dinner:
143.2 this morning.
1.8 lbs down from yesterday.
It's so nice to see this direction again.
And it was not difficult...we'll see how today goes. :-)

Here's my chart:

Good news is all around,
here are the results for the participants:
Wow - way to go!
Please remember that a gain or a zero is OK. 
Awareness is key to success here.

I will update this as more numbers come in, but the updates can be found on the 
CANDO 2014 page here as well.

It's not to late to CANDO along with us.
More info on how to join along with us here.
I'll adjust the chart accordingly.

(email me at digger.lizzie@gmail.com if you would like to join us 
or if you would like a copy of this Excel spreadsheet.)

Thank you for your interest!


  1. Look at you!!! Way to go.

  2. That is FAB!! I love cauliflower too.

  3. That roasted cauli sounds like a good idea, having roasted broccoli tonight with chicken ☺