Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 3 of CANDO 2014: 80%

I CAN continue to focus on what I CAN eat as I believe
80% of my weight loss is determined by what I eat.
I also believe eating differently is the best thing I CAN do to lose weight,
and weighing less has been rumored to be healthy.
In addition, I believe exercise is the best thing I CAN do for my health.
I CAN continue to walk each day.

My son claims a six-pack is made in the kitchen, not the gym...
I have a six-pack in the kitchen, does that count? ;-)

Last night we had another dinner of lean protein and vegetables.
Chicken from a couple of the frozen packets and
last summer's frozen squash from my friend "K".
It was delicious and this time I had enough time before 6:30 PM to take a picture.
I also had time for seconds on the squash. :-)
My portions are big and I do get 100% full, although I CAN (in the future) strive to be 80% full.
 I understand that one of the secrets to the longevity of the Okinawan people
 is that they only eat to 80% full.
From what I understand, these Japanese people of Okinawa
are the people most likely to live to be 100 years old.

So here is this morning's weight:
143 this morning.
.2 lbs down from yesterday.
Not a lot but I'll take it!

Here's my chart:

Here are the results for the participants:
Look at them go!

I will update this as more numbers come in, but the updates can be found on the 
CANDO 2014 page here as well.

(email me at if you would like to join us 
or if you would like a copy of this Excel spreadsheet.)

Have a CANDO day!


  1. Great job so far! And kudos for your positive attitude.

  2. YOU GO GIRL! Even though it is hard it is absolutely worth it. Believe me. I know. You can and will do it. Posting here is a great idea. It will not only make you accountable but it will also give you some cheerleaders. COME ON BABY YOU CAN DO IT -- IF YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO IT! (That was an old cheer from my cheering days just replace "Cougars" with the "Baby".LOL!)

  3. Way to go!!

    I think many people don't pay attention to their bodies when they are eating. Most people eat too fast and pack the food in. They need to slow down and give their stomachs the time to tell their brain - Hey, I'm full. I'm a slow eater and as soon as I realize I've had enough, I stop.

    Another trick I use is to always leave something on my plate which is in direct contrast to what we were taught as kids and had to always finish everything on our plates. I never eat everything anymore.

  4. You are awesome Lizzie! I need to get going too!
    xo Kris

  5. Wow, you are all doing great. Congrats to you all.