Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 5 of CANDO 2014: Slow and Steady

I CAN be the turtle for a change...
seems like I always approach everything as the hare.
This time CAN be different.
I CAN be satisfied with a slow continual loss. :-)
142.2 this morning.
Down .6 from yesterday.
I'm looking forward to weighing in only once a week
starting on Monday with a 1.5 lb per week loss goal. ;-)

Here are the charts for the day:

It's summertime for Ruff so she has been eating lots of salads and fresh prawns.
Lucky gal!
Here, we can eat a fresh snowball....hmmmmm...doesn't sound so good. ;-)

Keep up the good work!
You CANDO it!


  1. lol fresh snowball, not so nice. I think I may be sweating off some of the weight as been hot hot.
    Loving this xo

  2. Everyone seems to be going in the right direction, well done keep up the good work :)

  3. You're doing really well Astri. :)

  4. Go girl! You CAN do it! And I think I'll pass on the fresh snowball :-)

  5. Slow and steady is definitely the way to go. You're taking a very smart approach!

  6. Well done, Astri, for your perseverance and optimistic attitude to get fit and have a healthy weight! It makes us feel so good, doesn't it? I'm going this way too, simply by reintroducing good habits without any specific diet. It's what frustrates me the least! I'm also walking more! Good luck to all those on the CANDO project!