Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day 6 of CANDO 2014: Tipple

I learned a new word from my Aussie friend: tipple.
In spite of sticking to most of the plan, last night I indulged in:
It was after 6:30 PM
(Oh and BTW the rose pattern can be purchased here, roses too.)
Yes, I know, a plug, but for heaven's sake this tipple included the word "rose". ;-)

Yesterday when I mentioned I CAN be the turtle,
I didn't anticipate this turtle would be going backwards with a Friday night tipple. ;-)
(I keep wanting to use that word "tipple", it goes right along with
 "lost the plot" from my English friend, Linda.)
Tipple, tipple, tipple.
That's how many tipples I had.
It was pretty much worth it, except for the headache brought on
later by the liquid sugary substance.
Lesson learned.
142.4 this morning.
Up .2 from yesterday, blaming last night's tipple.
So how about this one for a positive attitude:
I can tipple and only gain .2 lbs!

Here are the charts for the day:

A couple of us are up.
That is normal and OK, but look how much we are down to date!
It's difficult to report a gain, but that is good because 
that makes us aware and honest.
We are not giving up.

We CANDO it!


  1. Your tipple looks irresistible - I don't really like tequila and I am not sure about rose flavoured alcohol as a gereral idea but that pale pink milky substance in your delicate cut thimble-sized glass has got me wanting to see immediately if rose tequila is available in the UK and of it is, I'm buying a bottle! For art's sake if nothing more! Happy can-doing Astri! E x

    1. Haha, no it's not rose flavored - just rose colored, but then again we do indulge in lavender flavored items too but I'm with you, I don't know about a rose flavored alcohol. The flavor is strawberry cream. And you are right - the glass is the size of a thimble (I thought the glass looked bigger in the photo and you noticed the etching too - which didn't show up in the photo very well either..). Yes thimble sized and I only had three but I might have licked inside the glass after the last one. Slurp! :-)

  2. As longs as you enjoyed your tipple that's all that matters Astri and yes if I had drank that many I would certainly have lost the plot BIG time haha, you will soon get rid of those 2 pesky pounds it's the weekend you are allowed slight indulgence. xx

    1. Oh yes, Linda, I did enjoy! It was worth it. And you're right - it is the weekend!

  3. A small indulgence can be understood. You're on a tough road. But later on you can look back at that gain and it'll mean nothing because of how much you lost. Keep fighting!

    1. Aw that's sweet Kate. I will keep fighting and not tipple for a while now. :-)

  4. Ok, I would drink that!! I've never heard of it but I'll have to go look that up. Is that what it looks like straight out of the bottle or did you mix it with something?

    I had a nice (big) glass of Martini & Rossi Asti last night to celebrate tony's girlfriends birthday. And tonight I was told that a piece of red velvet cheesecake might be coming my way after they go out for her birthday dinner. Extra minutes on the treadmill for me tonight.....

    1. Yes, straight out of the bottle; that's the beauty of it, in addition to the beautiful color. It's right up there with red velvet cheesecake. Wow!

      Hehe, Asti sounds like Astri.

  5. I know I will have a gain too very soon, this is going to slow up and I have the advantage of salad LOTS lol

    1. You are rockin' it Wendy! 7.6 lbs. You gungho maniac you. Very inspiring.

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