Thursday, January 2, 2014

Last Holiday Hoorahs before renewed "CANDO"

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cake Mix Donuts
Recipe found here.
But this time, peppermint crunch and extra dark chocolate chips were added to the mix.
Then dark chocolate chips melted with a little butter were drizzled on top.
 While the drizzle was still warm crushed candy canes were sprinkled on top of the drizzle.
Oh, yum!

Most of these went to the neighbors...
They are now all gone in preparation for next week...


  1. Oh wow. They look delicious! By the way, crisps are potato chips....I think that's what you call Walkers, Doritoes, mcCoys etc. xx

  2. They look yummy, I have a mountain of chocolate to work my way through, why do people always give you so many yummy goodies which you can't resist, If I could just eat a couple of chocolates it would be ok but greedy me has to nearly finish the whole box! I'm hoping to hide it all and get a grip starting on Monday, zumba on Tuesday...well that's the plan anyway. :)

  3. I woukd like to be your neighbour !!!!!
    Happy new year to all of your family ;)