Monday, April 7, 2014

Week Ending 13 of CANDO 2014: Mulligan

I CAN take a mulligan this week and not weigh in.
I'll blame it on the floor.
It's been a non-stop week of kitchen remodel work.
Even worse for the NVO as he also works full-time.
I think he's smiling???

Well, needless to say it's been a stressful week and the CANDO plan became secondary
and the stress of the remodel took over.
I think this week will be better as the bulk of the work is done.

However, Ruff is down .5.
She's back on track after her vacation.
A big shout out to Ruff!

See you next Monday!



  1. You have a lot to focus on right now so a break is definitely in order :-)

  2. I wouldn't worry about it Astri, I bet you have lost pounds with all the work and stress. :)

  3. Its always good to stay away from those scales lol remember I had a big break while away ☺☺
    Loving that reno xo

  4. Taking a mulligan is always good. I've been eating homemade ice cream every night for the last week and haven't run at all for a week. I feel like crap because of it too. I'm blaming mine on the fact that we are repainting the lake house kitchen. :-)

  5. I should think that with all that work you have been doing you have built up a few muscles and that can't be a bad thing! xx

  6. Think of all the calories you're burning with the remodelling effort. :)