Monday, May 5, 2014

SMUG Fridge

I have always wanted a light blue SMEG refrigerator...
maybe someday.....but for now I have a SMUG refrigerator
and it pleases me so!
And here's how it came to be:

Our 15 year old refrigerator was painted:


 Fridge received two fresh coats
 of latex paint in Benjamin Moore
"White Satin" after sanding and cleaning:

I realize now that I should not have painted the area where the doors seal as they stick a bit....
hindsight is 20-20!

Then I purchased some magnetic UPPER CASE letters:

And spray painted a few of them silver:

Added to the front of fridge and there you have it:
 My SMUG fridge to tide me over until I get the real thing....
I also discovered that magnets leave a mark on the refrigerator now that it is painted.
This is probably a good thing as it will keep the bazillion magnets off
 that formerly lived there. ;-)

 Oh yes, I am pleased!

Have a pleasing day!


  1. A fun way to get a few more years out of a functional item. I hate spending money on appliances when I could be going on holiday or buying wool!! Jo x

  2. We have lots of magnets on our fridge in the way that it sounds as though yours did before the makeover! Your "new" fridge looks really great though, especially with its letters!!! A great makeover it seems to me. Hope that you love it for a long time. xx

  3. What a great make-over it looks brand new, you can't see my fridge for fridge magnets I'm afraid and I can't get rid of them because there are too many happy memories attached to them, my life is on that fridge haha although I know it would look so much better without them. Your kitchen is looking fabulous!!

  4. Astri,

    That's so beautiful.... Love the magnet letters. Have a pleasing day yourself!!

  5. Great makeover!! I love how your kitchen looks :) very very stylish!

  6. Nice makeover of your fridge. Your kitchen looks beautiful - I love the nice, clean look. :)

  7. Your whole kitchen looks amazing :-) Nice idea on the fridge; I didn't know you could paint appliances. Thanks for sharing.

  8. What a clever idea! And your kitchen is cute, cute! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  9. I am amazed at the fridge. I had no idea you could paint them with regular paint.

    Is that a stainless steel backsplash behind the stove? I like that idea.

  10. Nifty idea painting your fridge! I love the letter idea too, and the silver makes them much more grown-up. Ha-ha. Love your new kitchen!

  11. So cute! I love the scalloped edging that you've painted! :)

  12. Great looking fridge Astri.


  13. Great idea. I love it.

  14. That is amazing! I didn't know you could paint appliances like that. Well done. You're kitchen is looking fabulous!

  15. Almost as good as the real thing! I didn't even know what a Smeg refrigerator was until I looked it up just now. I learn so much reading blogs. Your kitchen looks so neat and tidy. It all looks very nice!
    xx Beca

  16. Looks great - you can feel SMUG about what a fantastic job you did. :D

  17. What a good idea and the painting finish looks really neat - and I have to say that my brother has a SMEG fridge and has so much hassle with it he would like to throw it away!! xxx

  18. Dear Astri,
    kitchen renovation is beautiful!
    From the floor!
    I really like the pictures when the sun shines through the window! Oh ...
    Whether it's a beautiful living and cooking ♥
    Have a beautiful flowering days

  19. Looks brand new Astri-- so practical. You'll appreciate it all the more when you get your new fridge someday:)


  20. quelle jolie cuisine, j'adore !!!

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