Monday, August 18, 2014

A New "Sprouts" and $29.15

Last week a new "Sprouts" opened within walking...errrrr...well...maybe scootering distance from us.
I can't even put in words how much I love this store, but I did not love the former drive.
Hey and it is right smack next to an "All-A-Dollar".
Does it get better than that?
I am in shopping heaven!
Check out yesterday's haul.
And check out this:
$29.15 for all of this and it even included these roses for $5.99:
 The roses were a splurge; however, 
I was still under my $30 per week grocery budget.
And the roses are just prefect for a "La Vie en Rose" photo update,
so stick around for a few days.
Eating healthy is not expensive... of the secrets:
Plan ahead and base your menu on the advertised items.
These are generally the items in season too...
adding an extra healthy boost.
There's a cucumber in there but it's hiding.
Mmmmm...grapefruit broiled with nutmeg or cinnamon
with a touch of honey.
Can't wait for breakfast!
There are six lbs of Hatch green chilies here (.88 cents per lb!)
Perfect for roasting.
Green chilies just might be my favorite food in the whole world!
Healthy and fresh on a shoestring.
Makes me happy!

What are your healthy grocery budget secrets/tricks/tips?
Do share please!


  1. What a wonderful budget friendly store to have near you! The roses are a lovely bonus! My trick to keep the supermarket bills down is to buy as much as possible on special offer each week and plan my recipes around them!

  2. That store sounds fabulous and you sure got plenty and lovely roses too. We have a local farmers market each month
    which I stock up on fresh local produce, even cheeses too. Currently winter but trying to stick with lots of healthy salads......trying......

    1. Oh I LOVE local Farmers Markets! Keep trying...I know it's hard. I am looking at needing to lose some weight again as I gained with my back issues...not being able to exercise and those darn medications! It's all good now though.

  3. What a great budget friendly store, you have quite a haul there and those roses are divine. We have stack it high, sell it low stores here too ... great for when you're on a tight budget xx

    1. Those stores sound great. I wonder if those are similar to our warehouse stores.

  4. Wow, I would love to shope there! You've been to Norway and know how much we pay for everything.
    I often visit the Turkish fruit and veges stores, halv the price compared to the other shops. We focus on the weekly offers, buy dinners that are close or over the date on the package. But no fish. We always buy that fresh or frozen. And I have been working as a chef for years... Have a nice day.

    1. Oh yes the food was pricey in Norway, but I did not know about the Turkish stores. I bet they have some good and unusual produce too. You are lucky to have access to the wonderful seafood so fresh! My Bonus dad fishes and sells to the restaurant so we had the yummiest fish while we were staying with them.

      A chef - wow, I'm impressed. I bet you get very creative. ;-)

  5. Good job! It's exactly what I used to do when our kids were still at home. I always shopped the flyers and wrote up my shopping list and pulled my menus (if needed) at the same time. I wrote up the menu so I wouldn't forget and posted it on the fridge. The kids knew what we were having ahead of time and so did I. Made life so much easier and less complicated. When they got older I let them help plan and fix the meals as well. It gave them an idea of the work that goes into it, the cost of making meals and the work involved. When it was time for them to leave home I really believe it was one of their best lessons to take along with them. They knew how to plan and how to cook. (Can't say they particularly enjoyed it at the time -- and it would have been easier to do it myself most of the time -- but was worth it in the long run. Eventually they were doing meals on their own. That was a big PLUS for me.)

    1. Excellent and so very organized Bev! I love the part about the menu being on the fridge and the kiddos helping. Great advice!

  6. Gosh, it's been a few years since I was able to keep to a $30/week grocery budget. Will that really feed the two of you for a week? Awesome!

    Yes, shop the sales for sure! Seasonal eating is the best value and the best for health too.

    P.S. I was thinking about your scooters the other day and wondering how they were going on.... :)

  7. Well we certainly don't have things that cheap here, however I notice you must also have a lot of stuff already on hand, cause I always need to include dairy items, bread, other meat ect....... Of course I'm currently having to feed 4 adults . Also my groceries include other items like toiletries, and such. I do have a menu plan which helps greatly, but no hope in the world of a $30 weekly grocery bill,.......we would need to be producing a lot of our own stuff & I would need to be home full time to manage making it all.......good on you that you are able to do that, what a blessing!!

    1. Oh yes we do have a stocked pantry and it is refilled with the $100 warehouse shopping each month in addition to the $30 per week. I also purchase eggs, cottage cheese and 2 roasted turkeys with that $100 per month at the warehouse store. The dollar store helps a lot too! We do have a small garden and there are only two of us...and we could both stand to eat a little less. ;-) Dinner leftovers are always next day's lunch. And weekend meals are made in bulk and frozen. Thank you for your thoughts Sharmayne...oh and yes I don't work and this is very much a part-time job for me.

  8. Wow, you have a lot of chillies there!! Things will be hot and spicy around your house for a while. xx