Thursday, August 28, 2014

An Alternative Wedding

Kiddo #3 "The Condition" got hitched on Saturday.
Professional photos are not yet in, but here is a look at a few amateur photos ;-):
These two are perfect for each other.
These two are perfect to us.
The wedding was unique and very creative, to say the least.
They did it in their style and they definitely
"owned it".
It was a lot of fun!

I had to throw this photo in as it cracked me up.
This is the bride with our son (the groom), her father and her five siblings.

And here are the Newlyweds with their respective parents.
There may be a lot of "different" hair stuff going on at this wedding. Mine looks kind of "normal" huh?
Well it's not, THAT is not even my real hair.'s a $35 clip in-extension.
Can you tell? Hey, it's our secret, OK?
(I should post about that sometime..before and after pics?)

Here are one set of happy parents,
taking a selfie.

Oh and guess who did the catering of
320 TACOS!?!
Yup you guessed it,
me and my homies or is it my homies and I?
(Probably "my homies and I" since they did most of the work and should get top billing. :-) )
Friends do not get better than this!

Oh and one last photo that touched my heart:
The bride with her grandmother.
Grandma lives in a full-care Alzheimer's facility; but up until
a few months ago these two youngsters took her into their home
every Friday night and Saturday.
They are a special couple with a lot of love to share.

OK whew, onto a lighter note: we now have just two left to marry off:
#6 Little Bug
#4 The Boy

Any takers?

(Sorry no photos of these two from this celebration as "The Boy" is working and living in Texas and
"Little Bug" just left for graduate school in Louisiana. Unfortunately they were unable to attend.)


  1. Congratulations!! They are a beautiful couple. :)

  2. Congratulations, and thank you for sharing the photos Astri what a handsome couple and I have to say you looked pretty spectacular too! :) xx

  3. Wow, you have 6 children!!! I didn't realise, you have had a lot of experience with weddings! It looks like a beautiful day and it is so great that they did it in their own way and with their own style. I am sure that both bride and groom and all the guests enjoyed it far more that way!! Congratulations to them!! xx

  4. Congratulations to the newleyweds Astri. Love the pictures.


  5. They are a beautiful couple that look absolutely perfect for each other. So glad it was a wonderful day.

  6. I absolutely loved everything about this wedding. It looks awesome.
    Beautiful couple too. :-)

  7. What an interesting wedding party, Astri! (And as for the amazing amount of tacos, it should read "my homies and me"-- your English teacher blogfriend) Is your grad student daughter looking for a cute 30 year old Dutch/American who works for Shell and visits his folks in southwest Louisiana at least once a month? My son will kill me if he ever hears about me writing this! TeeHee. Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  8. Congratulations to the couple and entire family !:) lovely pics!!

  9. So wonderful Astri and loved seeing all of the photo' baby son gets married in october he is will be 30 and my first to get married.....but happy for the rest to just live together, they are happy ☺