Thursday, November 6, 2014

House Tour: Bedrooms

Thank you all for joining the tour and your interest via the lovely comments
 on the previous "House Tour" posts this week.
It's been so fun to have you!

Today we will wander down the hallway:
(Just a side note: the husnisse lives behind this door.)

And on to the bedrooms:
I apologize for the quality and colors of the photos on this post.
I generally use one camera setting: automatic. ;-) 
This end of the house is tricky in regards to lighting.

We'll start with the guest room,
since that's where you will be staying when you visit.
(Each door is labeled and painted with 
the same color as the room that it represents. :-) )
(That dresser and shelf unit is full of scrapbooking stuff and photos
that I am yet to "get around to"....maybe this winter.)
I made sure you would have lots of pillows, ten that is...
(Is there a pillows anonymous group I can join?)
A wall hanging from Nordmore, Norway.
Another one of my favorite things.

That second hand purchase from the previous post is embellishing the ottoman.

Yet another clock.
(This one received golden yellow paint and a dozen red roses.)

The plates that the NVO and I painted at our first
Rosemaling camp in 2011.
See this post for more from this camp.

I hope you will enjoy your stay!

Next is the bedroom that has been turned into a den,
we call it our kosestua (cozy living room.)

A family tree.
(Posted here.)
An armoire, in blue, holding plenty of beddings.
Yup, another clock.
(We must know what time it is at all costs!)

And last of all, the Elske Reir.
 I made every effort to translate "love nest" but it did quite not work.
Something got lost in translation.
I'm too lazy to change it to something different for now.

I recently scaled down the pillows here.
I can't remember how many there were, but let's just say this:
life is much simpler these days and I like it! ;-)
I love the vanity. See here and here.
(I wonder if that makes me vain...I hope not!)

A re-mixed bell pull (klokkestreng) 
from this post.

And I'll leave you on today's tour with
  this angel gift received from my mother-in-law.
(I have always said that her son was an angel sent to me by my father.)

More to come tomorrow.

Have a restful day!


  1. Beautiful, Astri :-) I'm so enjoying the tour of your beautiful home.

  2. It's so beautiful !! You love red and white everywhere :) and that's great that you can put crochet and embroidered things anywhere . Certain zones are restricted for me still I try to break in and establish my rule in all the corners of my home ;)
    We also have two pillows on the bed. He dumps, if finds anything extra, into the guest room or toss off into the bay window.

  3. Your home and the colors make me smile! As much as I love old brown furniture, I think I could love your cheery decor, too! Enjoy your house tour! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  4. Very nice! I am loving this house tour! You have done a beautiful job of decorating!

  5. I so enjoyed catching up here this morning! The house lovely!!! I loved seeing the Bloomie pins on your pillows too. I have a couple with them as well. Of course I think of you when I sit out on my swing and rest against the pillows you sent to me!!
    Have a lovely weekend my friend!
    XO Kris

  6. What a beautiful home you have Astri! That wall hanging is amazing and I love all the little handmade details, that's what makes a house a home :) <3

  7. Another lovely post. I'd tell you I was coming to stay in the guest room next week...but instead I have to be in CA on business. Everything is so cheerful and bright. Love all your wall hangings and the husnisse door is too cute. Also love your family tree -- fabulous idea. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. You have a lovely bright house! It gives a happy feel I think.

  9. Everything is so clean and bright and airy. I just love it all.

  10. Loving your tour so far - soooo Scandi xxx

  11. Lovely Astri. I'm even more jealous now.


  12. Astri!

    You want to kill us with these beautiful photos! ??? huh ??

    Ah liked everything I saw! Vibrant colors, loved his closet and his light blue wall with tree, all very different and creative!

    Posted Maileg I made for my friend Jo of Norway, when you can take a look!

    A final very happy week for you!

    XOXO of Pri

  13. This is one gorgeous colourful home and loved seeing it very much Astri xoxoxo

  14. Lovely! I really like the family tree, that is a great idea. xx

  15. Ton intérieur est magnifique tu as bien raison de le détailler et de le montrer. J'aimerais bien avoir une maison aussi bien rangée et aussi gaie ;-)