Monday, November 3, 2014

House Tour: Dining Room

Before we continue the tour, I would like to take the opportunity to thank my blogging friends
 for the wonderful comments that were left on the last post in regards to the kitchen.
And all the past comments.
Thank you!!!
I read them all and it always brings a bit of warmth to my heart.

Thank you too, non-commenting visitors.
I love having you too!

Today, the tour continues with
 the dining room:
There once was a wall and a door where this counter sits in the forefront of this photo.
Removing the door and wall was one of the best things we ever did.
We did lose cabinet space, but with a little dejunking and using many of the
items as decor we didn't feel it too much.
We love the open bright feel to it!

Our home has been decorated on a shoestring.
Almost everything you see is either second hand,
or the less expensive (lower end ;-) ) IKEA items.
Once again, I have to say , I love IKEA!
And I paint everything!
Hubby and kiddos run when they see me with a paint brush. :-)

 Serving dishes we use often,
 including melamine dinnerware from Costco.

Details the NVO added to the built in.
Gosh, he's handy!
 Painted with an icy blue paint:
(Benjamin Moore: White Satin)

A clock of crocheted roses, of course.
(See Etsy Shop here to purchase clocks like this.)
The crocheted rose made from this pattern.

How about that bright blue paint above the fireplace?
I love it...The NVO might not. ;-)
It's Benjamin Moore: Pacific Blue Parrot

A hand crocheted tablecloth from Norway.
Made by mother's oldest sister, Betsy.

A cross-stitched Norwegian prayer.
Made my moi...back when reading glasses were unnecessary. ;-)

Thanks again for joining me!
(Oh you see Bunny Rose peeking in from the living room,
through the fireplace?...I wonder what she's been up to? 
I spy some pale pink yarn on the chair she is sitting on, as well. 
Hmmmm...maybe we will find out next week.)

Have a "Dining-a-mite" Day!


  1. I really like your home. All the white surfaces and the bright colors.
    Perfect. Have a nice day

  2. Your dining room looks stunning! I hope you enjoy lots of lovely meals with your family there.. HAve a lovely day! GAia.

  3. Your dining room is so beautiful !! :) Do you eat on that white crocheted table top?

    1. remove it for meals. We mostly eat at the kitchen counter since there are only two of us. But when we have guests we do remove the cloth. :-)

  4. It's beautiful Astri and once again I compliment you on the sheer clean and tidy appearance, I love the crochet table cover such a lot of work has gone into that and your clock looks fantastic too. Yes I can see Bunny Rose you have to keep an eye on these bunnies they can get up to all sorts of shenanigans can't wait to see what she has been doing with that pink yarn :)

  5. You have such a beautiful, peaceful home, Astri :-) I love the tablecloth and cross stitch prayer. Curious to see what Bunny Rose is up to...

  6. Your house is so bright and cheerful. That tablecloth is gorgeous.

  7. It's beautiful Astri - so nice and clean, and I love that shade of blue. :)

  8. Your kitchen and dining room are gorgeous Astri. I'm jealous.


  9. It was so lovely to see your dining room tour, those melamine plates are beautiful aren't they, I thought that they were some sort of lovely china when I first saw them and would never have guessed anything else! xx

  10. This is a great post. Your kitchen and dining area are just beautiful. I really like the deck off of the kitchen in your previous post. The fact that you achieved this look in a thrifty way makes it all the better.
    Gorgeous home Astri.

    Birgitta xx