Saturday, November 1, 2014

House Tour: Kitchen

The house is finally somewhat clean, and since this does not happen often,
it's finally time for that week long house tour, I've been talking about.

So a big welcome to our home!

Today we will start with
the kitchen:

A rag rug the same as the pattern used in this post.

A new floor from this post.

An office corner.
The office has been moved here, temporarily, to take full advantage of the sunshine while studying
and finishing up a paperless home scanning project.
(The Swiss ball is my chair. It helps my back.)
A "to do" chart.
(This area is actually being spruced up this weekend.)

 A painted SMUG/SMEG fridge from this post.

Pig, plate, French butter keeper, Norwegian coffee grinder.

The coffee grinder belonged to my grandfather.
Every morning, my mother would wake to the sound of this very grinder.
It's just about the most special thing I own.

Green glass hearts made and purchased at the Sundance Resort.
Blue cold porcelain heart received from 
my dear blogging friend Domi and blogged about here.

Cookbook purchased in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
My most favorite food in the whole world:
Hatch Green Chiles

 A Tilda doll from another dear blogging friend, Pri found here.
Blogged about here.

A crochet corner.

 French country canisters housing
coffee, decaf and coffee filters.
One of them previously housed something very special from this post.
Since then, I found the other two on eBay,
and they now complete the coffee corner.

And one of the most awesome gifts of all time:
A roll-out spice cabinet made by the NVO.
(I am G'ma Spicy, ya' know,
see this post for why. ;-))

And last but not least, the last of the summer flowers from our garden.
We are lucky this year,
here it is November 1st and we still have flowers.
I believe they will be gone tomorrow. :-(

Stay tuned this week for more of the "Somewhat Clean House Tour".

Thanks for joining me and have a great day!


  1. I love your kitchen - its so bright and sunny. I especially like the coffee grinder, the sofa and the spice rack.

    I'd never in a million years show my house - it's a train wreck that we out grew years ago.

    1. Hi Kim, it's hard when we have a smaller home...I know we do and so it easily gets filled up with "stuff" and then looks terrible...... start with just one corner of a room :)

  2. love love love that spice rack!!!! You have a beautiful home!

  3. You have a beautiful bright home and thoroughly enjoyed the tour xoxo

  4. Your kitchen is lovely, bright and beautifully done!! I have read your earlier posts about renovating. You both have put in lot of hardwork to create it:) Great job!! How do you manage to keep so much of white so clean ?

  5. HI Astri
    YOur kitchen looks like areal cozy place to be, and we all know we tend to spend a lot of time in this room. You've done a fabulous job. I'm inspired to try and do something about my terrible (!!!) kitchen. We are renting so I'm not sure what I can do to it. Maybe I can talk the owner into a renovation. That would be great!
    Happy Weekend!

  6. It's so pretty. I love the white with all the splashes of colour! X

  7. This area looks lovely and fresh, yet inviting at the same time. We have yet to do some renovating work on our home here and I'll be going for fresh colours also! Thanks for sharing

  8. Astri,sua cozinha para mim é uma verdadeira sala de estar,muito bonita,parabéns pelo bom gosto amiga.Feliz domingo .Beijo.Valéria.

  9. Very nice Astri, it does look very clean bright and cheerful, I think you have covered every base in your kitchen, you could actually live in there. Love it! :) (especially love the house canisters)

  10. That was lovely Astrid. It is so bright but colourful. Your to do lists blow my mind - I thought I was organised but that is something else. Happy week to you. Jo x

  11. OMG your kitchen is perfect. I love all the bright colors with the white.
    The Spice rac wow!, can't I borrow your husbond?
    Have a nice Sunday.

  12. You have such a bright and beautiful kitchen Astri - I am jealous. Have a wonderful day. :)

  13. The kitchen looks fantastic, so bright and wonderful.

  14. Your tour was lovely, your kitchen is so pretty, I remember you doing many of the things from previous posts. I just love the little houses at your coffee station, I noticed them straight away and it was lovely to see them closer up too. Your spices are just amazing, so many and so organised! It must be a lovely place to be and to work. xx

  15. Astri !!!

    Ah dear friend! it all started with this kitchen !! remember?

    I saw the photo and sent you a message on the blog and here I am pining for her! more than very happy to have a little piece of me with you!

    Tilda was more beautiful still marvilhosa in your kitchen!

    Loved the coffee grinder, things should be kept as a family treasure!

    Kiss good week!

  16. What a whole lot of lovely! I enjoyed every photo! So homey and wonderful!
    xo Kris

  17. Very, very cheerful and pretty. And your roll-out spice cabinet/rack - I am so, so envious!! I'm going to show it to my husband so that....maybe....he can do the same for me. Amazing!

  18. Had to go back and look at all these posts I've missed. :)

    That coffee grinder - what a wonderful, wonderful keepsake. And I was eyeing the spice rack peeking in from the edge of the third photo - so glad you gave us another view of it! It's stupendous. Nice work NVO!