Wednesday, November 5, 2014

House Tour: Living Room

The tour continues with the
Living Room:

Afghan from here.
Faux Fana Pillow from here.
Fabric roses found here.

Wall hanging made from the below wall hanging found in a second hand shop in Norway.
This may be worth a future post. :-)

 Plate from Rosemaling camp.
Tilda from here.

Plates from here.
Bell-pull (klokkestreng) from here.
Astrid Holthe Christmas plates from here.

Clock from IKEA.
Framed poster was gift from the NVO. ;-)

Also found in the second hand shop in Norway.

Most of the room.

Most of the room on a different camera setting. ;-)

The other side of the room.
The other side of the room entering the hallway.

We'll see what's down the hallway tomorrow. 
Stick around!


  1. ahhh how beautiful thing!
    All wonderful!

  2. So pretty, cheerful and inviting. Am enjoying your tours!

  3. Very pretty - you really have a knack for home decorating. :)

  4. Very pretty, Astri :-) I love the wall hangings. What happened to Bunny Rose? Did she scoot along to another room?

  5. Oh yes I am sticking around what a treat. Jo x

  6. You have such a beautiful, bright and cheerful home, Astri - I love it!! x

  7. all wonderful! I'm enjoying yout tours, thank you for sharing.

  8. Your house always looks so bright and fresh and pretty. And CLEAN! :)

    White slipcovers - you brave soul.

    Have you seen the new Interweave Crochet Home issue? I think you'd like some of the projects, and definitely the colour scheme!

  9. Very pretty !! You have decorated it very nicely :)
    I also thought about sharing pics of my new flat. I think I should try one room at a time.

  10. It's beautiful and again so neat clean and tidy, there is no way I could have white covers and I wouldn't dare show anyone around my home haha I love those wall hangings and your rug is lovely too in lovely bright strips, you have a great eye for colour Astri. :)

  11. Your house just gorgeous.

  12. Lovely!!! I can just imagine sitting there and cosying up with a cup of tea and a good book! Your crochet blanket that is draped over the chair is beautiful and I love the Viking boat too!! xx