Saturday, November 8, 2014

House Tour: Outside Living Spaces

Here's the final stop on the house tour.

The Outdoor Living Spaces:

 This is the deck right off our kitchen.
It's great because we don't have to carry anything very far when we dine here.
We practically live out here seven months a year.
This weekend will likely wrap it up for this year.
We've had an unusually long season and it has been good!
West side sun protection. :-)

There's a heart rag rug.
I have almost as many heart rugs as I do clocks!
 the crocheted cushions have faded since this post:
 This year, the patio furniture went from black to colors.
Sometimes, I match the dishes to the chairs. ;-)
This area looks down into our garden.

Okay, now for the front entrance to our home:

Because we have some storage issues, our "hogs" welcome one and all.
By American standards our home is quite small: 1400 sq ft., 
so we become creative.
 We will likely downsize even more someday;
hence, I am always working on dejunking and organizing
 in preparation for smaller place.
It's kinda' fun and it keeps me busy.

The "hogs" even have their own designated painted parking spaces. ;-)

 The cement is painted to look like a wood floor:
The holes you see are for drainage, as water accumulates here.
(This was my bright idea - it doesn't work, so do not try this at home. )
And a rug is painted on top of the floor, as well.

Oh lookie, lookie, another heart rag rug!
(Not painted on.)
Consider yourself spared from the heart rugs (but not the clocks) on this week long tour.
There were more. 
Through these doors is where we exit this tour.
Thanks for following along.
It's been so nice to have you!

From our home to yours,
we wish you a day full of love!


  1. Love your outside space Astri, it's so tidy and neat, I love the bunting on your umbrella. :)

  2. Still love your house! Must laugh when I think of your parking for the mc :)

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  4. All the places look lovely :) you have made a beautiful house !!:) Thanks for the tour!!

  5. I like your motor bikes and I'd love to make one of those heart rag rugs - so cute.

  6. It has been lovely to see your home tour Astri, clocks and heart rugs and everything!! I like the bike parking! xx

  7. I've so enjoyed your tours Astri...thanks for sharing with us all. Our house is quite small as well...a little smaller than yours, but you have given me some great ideas! Love your patio - like every other space, so cheerful, bright and welcoming. And the bunting on the umbrella is the best!

  8. What a lovely spot to enjoy good food and fresh air! I love the rest of your outside space, too, Astri. With hugs from a very wet and gloomy UK at the moment, Chris xx

  9. It's all so beautiful Astri. I have so enjoyed the tour.


  10. Thank you for the tour of your lovely home, Astri :-) It's so warm and welcoming.

  11. Such beautiful tours on your house and much love sent back to you and yours xoxoxo

  12. Such beautiful color, and wonderful creativity! I loved the tour!!
    xo Kris

  13. Gorgeous and colourful. I love it! X

  14. Well what an amazing house tour! fabulous job of looking after your home & I'm in love with the heart rugs (I've purchased the pattern via ravellry - but just sent a message to the designer as no download has appeared yet??) I also love your crocheted clocks.....and I've been to visit your etsy shop & love the purple shaded one..... I need to find out about postage to Australia though..... anyhow, back to your post...... thankyou for sharing your home with us, I really did enjoy visiting with you and love what you have done! congrats...... you've also inspired me as we have a smaller home here (downsized thinking the adult children were long gone..... but 2 have come back with all their gear and extra.......)

  15. Your outdoor spaces are as beautiful and colorful as the inside. I love that your 'hogs' have designated parking spots. Very creative. :)

  16. Décidément j'aime ton décor :-)