Friday, November 7, 2014

House Tour: Water Closets

This part of the house tour is not very exciting as the lighting is so bad,
but nevertheless, I figured you were up for another clock, at least. :-)

The Water Closets

The Full Bath:

I love this IKEA shower curtain.
It's as if it were custom made for this bathroom, 
to help tie in the colors of the hallway.

 I really need some lessons in lighting. :-)
The best part is a watercolor painting of my home town:
Kristiansund N. Norway.

 Now for the 3/4 bath:

I'm making good on my promise with another clock!
(The entire house ticks in unison. :-) )
Etsy clock listings here.

 A cabinet area outside the bathroom and right next to the laundry area.
 The door that goes into the garage is right here, as well.
I see a future mudroom here.
I'm not sure if the NVO sees it.....yet. ;-)
(NVO, are you reading?)
This is the mudroom for now.
(I cleared it and cleaned it up for you. ;-) )

Have a Happy Day!
I'll see you tomorrow for the outside living spaces.
(The final house tour post.)


  1. Wow another great look into your home, beautiful.....xo

  2. They look very nice Astri - so pretty. :)

  3. I love how you call it a "water closet." :-)

  4. There is no reason not to know if it is crochet o' clock in your house!! I love your towels, far too pretty to use though! xx

  5. Very nice, Astri :-) I love the bucket on top of the towel cabinet (I don't know what else to call it).

  6. I had missed all these posts of your house tour so I had fun reading them one after another. Everything looks so pretty! You have a lovey home!

  7. Oh, that shower curtain ... absolutely perfect. The watercolour of your home town is beautiful. And I like the tin (zinc?) tub! (Mr. M just bought a shallow round one to use as a footbath, also an adorable mini bucket to put his coffee grounds in. We use an enamelled lime-green tub as our dirty laundry hamper. Why are metal tubs so fun?)

    Bathroom lighting is always difficult. Luckily we don't take many photos in those rooms.... :D