Monday, March 7, 2016

Stylecraft Special DK Color Combos 2 of 5

This week I have been posting some favorite
Stylecraft Special DK yarn color combos....

These will only scratch the surface of the possibilities,
but too many may bore you. ;-)

I will end day five with a color combo to go with one of my favorite accessories.
I'm excited about that one!

Here's 2 of 5:
The muted spring colors with "Silver" and "Parchment"  have been appealing to me lately.
Not what I generally choose.
Perhaps, I'm becoming more subtle in my old age? ;-)
Here "Parchment" is replaced with "Duck Egg Blue".
(I can't find the label for "Duck Egg Blue" anywhere!)

Come back tomorrow for something entirely different. :-)
(Maybe back to bright???)

You can purchase this "Rose Made in Round" pattern
at my Etsy shop by clicking here.

As always,


  1. Fondant and silver look marvellous together! I also love the addition of storm and duck egg blue! I could definitely see myself making something in those combinations!

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