Check out my dear blogging friends progress on the

 "Granny Rose Crochet-A-Long"


"Rockman Afghan Crochet-A-Long"
I am so very delighted and proud of all of you.
Everyone single one of you got these dead on!

Check out this awesome use of the granny rose by
clever Fien in the Netherlands!
Aren't these adorable?
Fien emailed me these cute creations and was so kind to allow me to show them off to all of you.
The diagonal pink square hanging in the middle, is one of the closet hanging sachets from this post.
And the granny rose pattern can be found here.
This project has also been added to the "CAL" page here.

Nice job Fien and thank you for sharing!

Sherie made this gorgeous pillow set for her sister-in-law for Christmas:
How about those gold sparkles on the roses and edge!

And the back is so elegant with the granny squares and buttons in ivory.

Here's one from Pavlena:
I LOVE the combination of pink, white and green!

Judy over at CJ's Stitching and Blooms made these adorable pin cushions.
What darling gifts and stash-busters too!
(Oh, and how about those cute little critters?)
Be sure to visit Judy, she has a heart of gold and posts about all kinds of lovely things.

And check out this beauty:
Cheri made this for her secret sister. 
She joined the squares with a flat braid.
Cheri would like to make one for herself but she is busy spreading her crochet love to others, at this time. :-)
Cheri does not have a blog but kindly shared the photos with me. 
Thank you Cheri!

This is another from my sweet friend, Carole, in the UK:

Oh and I must not forget about Linda's plot losing here:

Pavlena made this one and....
this one:
Visit Pavlena's pretty blog here.

Here's Linda's fabulous pillow:
Click here for blog.

How cute is that back of thispillow?
Click here for Heidi's creation.

Check out this clever project and see what it turned into:
By Pat here.

And here's a colorful Rockman table runner:
Found here.

More photos sent in from Mavi from below:
This is such a great idea.
 I love the pearly pin the in middle.
Her blog is the Tilde Patch.

Glenda in the UK crochets while caring for her 90 year old mum.
Her mum taught her to knit and sew as young girl,
but couldn't get to grips with crochet as mum is left-handed and Glenda is right-handed.
Recently, Glenda learned the Tunisian stitch and made this spectacular afghan:
She certainly got a grip in on this now.
Mum will use this blanket in the car to keep her warm.
Glenda and her blind mum also knit square for rescue animals.
Mum knits the squares and Glenda crochets them together and adds a border.
She also noted that all this needlework keeps them out of mischief.
I'm still smiling over that one. :-)
Thank you for sharing your afghan and your story Glenda,
it made my day!

How fun are these pin cushions from Mavi at
Tilde Patch.
Mavi has a wonderful crafty blog sprinkled with humor.
She claims she is caught in a spider's web of crafts and is not trying to get out.
(I hope I got the translation correct.)
Clicking on the photo will lead you to additional photos of this adorable project.
I'm feeling another stash-buster coming on.

This beautiful cushion is by Jam at the Fairy Dress Blog.
It's so delicate and these colors are so good together.
The blog is in Japanese.
The granny rose knows no language barriers. :-)
Here are a couple of clever ideas for the granny roses
from Eve at
The Garden Chef's Needle and Pen Blog:
Roses used as...
A very pretty necklace

A baggage identifier.
How very clever!

It's been a little while but check out these adorable entries from Melissa and Linda:

Melissa made this amazing afghan for her mother.
There are three rows of alternating rose colors and all rose squares alternate with granny squares.
A lucky mom indeed!

She even lined the back with fleece.
You Rock Linda!

Granny Rose Scarves
By Paula in the South of Spain
with the beautiful blog.
See her post about the scarves here.
So pretty!!!
Lovely work Paula!

Angel Fee's drop dead gorgeous "Roses are Red" afghan:
Fiona's projects can be found on Ravelry,
click here for the link.

Fiona paired the beautiful blanked with Lucy's Blooming Flower Cushion from Attic 24
the middle was replaced with a rose. 
Lucy's blog is the first crochet blog I stumbled across, and boy has it changed my life; she was the first one to inspire me to blog about crochet.
It's so kind of Fiona to share her talents and lovely photos.

Thank you, Angel Fee, 
you truly are an angel. 

Kacie made this precious pillow for her daughter Rosemary.
I love the feminine colors.
Kacie does not have a blog to link; however, she wrote to me that the joining method changed her life. haha. I wish I could take credit for it but it's not my invention. It can be found with Google searches.
The pillow was made Caron Simply Soft and the pillow is extra cuddly.
Oh my, oh my...look what Monique 
from the Netherland's has come up with.
This bag is fabulous and her choice of colors exquisite.
I may need to make one of these for myself.
Thank you for the idea and the inspiration Monique.
You all can visit Monique here.

Isn't this just the sweetest thing?
Ana of Lanos and Hilos made several roses 
for these adorable hats.
Check out her post here for more roses and hats.

Here's feminine softness from the "Hooks and Books" blog.
What a scrumptious look from Pattas.
Cuddling up in a blanket made of these would definitely induce sweet dreams.

This gorgeous lap rug was made by Donna in Australia for her best friend.
How clever, that Donna, with the alternating rows of these pretty roses.
The neutral colors will be a classic.
What a lovely gift from the heart!

Mamaluke at Artful Rambling's fantastic cushion. 
It seems as though it's been made to match the sofa in the photo. 
How nice!
You can read about her post here.
Here is the very clever back side:

I love how she used a single rose and kept going with the granny.

Fiona "Fee" has made this lusciously soft pink rose afghan.
Oh my, it is so pretty.
I love the alternating squares of roses with the plain granny; really makes a statement.
You can find the Fiona's details on Ravelry here

Here's another set from plus another pillow frok
Chris at Teddy Wares and Flutterbies..
She is still diligent and so talented!
She's been making them as gifts and also putting felt leaves behind the roses for brooches. 
What a great idea!

Linda at Linda's Craft Corner is at is again, too, with these ponchos.
 Please click here and here for her amazing posts.
She has combined two CAL'S into one; clever gal!
But what I like best about Linda, she would rather crochet than to do house work and I'm all about that!

A "Cath Kidston" version by Chrysalis at
Teddy Wares and Flutterbies.
The blue is an amazing variation and check out that awesome scallop edge!
The edge instructions can be found on her blog post here.

Here are Olga at "There Where is Soliel" photos of her finished project.
This last photo of placing the squares together is my favorite. 
She even brought the family in on the fun.
In love with the bright happy colors!!!

Sandy at Teacup Lane is going hog-wild with her squares for her Christmas blanket.
These colors are so festive and magnetic!
Sandy's enthusiam in so contagious.

Here's the Yarn Lady from Crochet Lounge with her gorgeous 
cushion photo found on Flickr here.

Chrysalis from the UK at Teddy Wares and Flutterbies made
this incredibly beautiful cushion.
My heart skips a beat with this finished cushion from Ann in Kenya at Crochet Dyverse.
I love the creamy softness.

A sweet rose from
Beth at Bluebell Wood
Click here for the post

Mum in the UK used a striking color palette to make these gorgeous rose squares.
You can find her post here.

Everything thing is coming up roses for Sandy at Teacup Lane.
She has finished her travel pillow here...

...and is now working on a Christmas afghan here.
I love, love, love the red and green!

They keep rolling in and it is so exciting...
Here's a feminine square from Crafty Caffeine.

Here's Jacqueline's primo modification from the 
366 granny's project 2012 blog.

More from Sandy at the Teacup Lane blog.
How cheerful!
She is covering a travel pillow; that's a good idea!
Click here for this post.

Sandy at the Teacup Lane blog has made these cuddly soft roses
 and has a very funny story to tell about her first try.
Click here for her blog and story.

Take a good look at Olga's roses from
"There Where is Soleil" blog.
She modified the pattern to make them more lush and I love it!
She has a knack for bringing on the sunshine!

Maggie's pretty roses from
Flowers in the Window blog.

Carole at Stardust Gems and Ribbon 
has finished her magnificent cushion and plans to make more cushions.

Get a load of this amazing variation on by Linda in the U.K.!
I think the picot edge is so delicate and pretty.
She has posted about this grand finale on her blog with more photos;
you can check it out here.

To see roses done in nice blues from timeshift posted on Ravelry.
Here's the link.

Even more roses from Anne in Kenya
These look so soft!
Anne is also using yarn from her stash,
and great choices at that.

This terrific cushion was all made from scrap yarn by:
Patta's at the
Hooks and Books Blog

Wendy from The Giggle Works Bead Studio has made this fabulous pillow.
The back side of the pillow sports white roses with a the base row of changing colors. A creative variation - and oh how I love white!
Thank you for crocheting along, Wendy!

Monique from Holland has finished her pillow in a 4 x4 square.
These colors are magnificent and I love the 5 coordinating buttons.
I learned a valuable thrifty lesson from Monique - the buttons do not have to be the same and it adds some interest to mix it up a bit.
Thank you Monique!
 Sweet Petunia's Baby's Baby has finished her cushion
 to match this amazing afghan.
Wow - what a pretty coordinating set!
 Here's the back side of her cushion with all roses the same color.
The pillow can be turned over dependent on the mood; I like that!
I like the brown yarn used in joining and edging, it  is a very nice contrast.
Holy cow!
 Sweet Petunia Baby made, an entire luscious afghan out of 
the rose granny squares, in less than one month.
Now that's dedication!
I am so proud of the Petunia mother-daughter duo; warms my heart to the max.

Carole at Stardust Gems and Ribbon 
Aren't these amazing!
LOVE the colors!!!

More from Anne in Kenya
I love the light blue and red together.

Sweet Petunia Baby's Baby's contrasting single crochet join.
LOVE the contrast!
Sweet Petunia Baby is now up to
140 completed squares.
I love how the red catches your eye and flows through the blanket.
Good job SPB!
Jill, all the way from Scotland at the Miaou Crafts Blog
crocheted a baker's dozen of these lovely roses
Wow! Sweet Petunia baby is going to town!
36 done to this stage.
This is going to be a most amazing blanket.

A pristine red rose by Anne in Kenya!
All the roses are red,
I wonder if the violets are blue?
See the rest of her roses at her blog Crochet Dyverse Blog here.

This beautiful cushion was made by
Monique from Holland.
She used the join as you go method and the back side is a giant granny square.
How fun to have international participation!
Thank you Monique!!!

Wendy Week #2
Real roses come in all these pretty colors and then...

...Wendy adds the leaves from Week # 3:
Wow!!! Gorgeous!
Wendy's blog is The Giggle Works Bead Studio.
She claims the blog is neglected...which happens to everyone at one time or another,
nevertheless, it's a lovely blog!

 Linda at Linda's Crafty Corner 
What soft luscious colors!
Click here to see her post about these.
and here Linda has added a very nicely contrasting dark green for her leaves.
This will be so pretty!

 Sweet Petunia Baby's Baby is making a Petite Pillow
 to match an afghan her mother made for her.
This has SPRING written all over it!
And Sweet Petunia Baby is making an afghan.
This is going to be breathtaking!
I love that green color they are both using for the leaves!

has now added the "leaves" row.

These are gorgeous!!!

Sweet Petunia Baby and Sweet Petunia Baby's Baby
have crocheted 148 roses together!
and turned some of them into hair clips.
How cute is that? :-)

So Pretty!

Also see
Flickr Photo
A Beautiful Yellow Rose!