Friday, March 27, 2015

Summer Garden Granny Pillow

A pillow to match our Norwegian Style Guest Room.
 The pattern is Attic 24's Summer Garden Granny Square found here.

A BIG shout out to Lucy of Attic 24 for sharing her talent, ideas and how-to's!

Here's the back side.
Same pattern for the back, just keep go around and around until desired size.
One row of sc on the outside and then the picot stitch included in the pattern found here.
(Stylecraft Special DK in aspen, lipstick, white, camel, khaki.)
And a heart button enclosure.

And here it sits:
in the guest room for which it coordinates. :-)
It coordinates with that first Granny Rose afghan too:
The Granny Rose pattern is found here.

The colors chosen for the new cushion were taken from these plates:

Our first attempt at rosemaling
(a Norwegian style of folk art painting.)
 Astri's first rosemaled plate from Rosemaling Camp.
 The NVO's first rosemaled plate from Rosemaling Camp.

See more about Rosemaling Camp:

We are headed there again next month!
Soooooo excited!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bunny Rose - Easter Best

Hello everybody, Bunny Rose here.
While Astri has been very busy in her new job,
 I've been very busy making these accessories for my Easter dress.
(It's my favorite holiday!)
 I made a belt,

 ear warmers,

 and slippers.

Here are some close ups:
These flowers were very easy to make.
Maybe I can talk Astri into making a quick tutorial one day.

This has been keeping me entertained and busy while Astri is away at work.
Astri would like you all to know that she is so happy that you leave comments and still stop by,
although her time lately has been limited for responding.
She feels bad, but hopes it's temporary.
But, I've been having fun, though.

Are you crocheting something special for Easter?

Monday, March 9, 2015

Prisea - A Tilda Mermaid from Brazil

Mermaids are pretty cool!
Blog friends are pretty cool too!!!
This lovely Tilda mermaid was sent from my dear friend Pri in Brazil.
I have named the mermaid Prisea after Pri and the sea.

Check out that pretty pearl and jeweled belly button!
Here she is laying on something that looks kind of like seaweed.

She came in a surprise package along with something for Bunny Rose:

And that something for Bunny Rose was this beautiful white dress:
Just in time for Spring and Easter!
Oh, do we have plans of crocheted springtime embellishments!
(Stay tuned!)

 Bunny Rose and Prisea = fast friends.

Thank you Pri!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Smoothie packs

Trying to be healthy...again.
This helps:

Several were prepared ahead of time and frozen.

Makes for a quick and easy get-outta-the-house-off-to-work breakfast. :-)
I feel good when I eat like this.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Shhhhhhh...Bunny Rose Blanket

Can you keep a secret?
Oh good!
I'm going to surprise Bunny Rose with her very own
Mini Granny Rose Afghan.
 It's finished but I want to wait to give it to her once I have made a coordinating pillow. 
I used the granny rose pattern from here,
but crocheted only two rounds for the rose instead of three.

The blanket is 4 squares by 7 squares = 28 squares.
(Afghans fold better if you use an even number of rows - I forgot this time.)
The border is one row of hdc in white, and just a simple shell border in meadow,
 but the pattern comes with a picot border that would be cute too!
(All yarn is Stylecraft Special DK stash. :-) )

All folded up and ready to give
(Once the pillow is done, that is.)
I'm so excited!
I'll take photographs of the gift giving and share with you.:-)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Linen Stitch Mitered Dish Cloth

 I've been experimenting with a twist on my mitered dishcloth pattern:
The original pattern can be found here as pictured below:

In this new experiment the same pattern is utilized but with the linen stitch instead:
A picot stitch edge included in this pattern.

 What do you think? 
 This experimental piece was made to coordinate with the crocheted topped towel from this post.
The towel topper pattern can be found here.

I think this could make a nice gift. :-)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Swan River Yoga Cookies

Little Bug (#6) was my yoga partner.

Little Bug has moved far away to attend graduate school.
I have lost my partner, for now.

And she has lost heres...for now...but Little Bug found a new Yoga Studio that she loves,
it helps buffer the loss. :-)
In celebration, Swan Berlinkranser were made for Little Bug.

Berlinerkranser is a very special Norwegian cookie in our family.
Berlinerkranser recipe found here.

BTW - The NVO has happily become my new yoga partner, so all is not lost.
Now we have to find Little Bug a new partner. 
Three cheers for the NVO!!!