Thursday, February 22, 2018

Inspiration for Farmhouse Rose Afghan

Our "Little Red Scandinavian Home" is the inspiration for the
"Farmhouse Rose Afghan"
 from yesterday's post.
A pattern that is feverishly and excitably taking over my life. 
The inspiration is more specifically a "Barn Quilt" 
that has been designed and painted to look like a Granny Square. 

It's difficult to see it in a photo far away,
 so here are a couple of close-ups before installation:
Note the "Crocheted Rose Clock"...
these are everywhere...
in every room...
in every color combination...
including the porch! 

So I'm off to continue writing...
Have a happy and koselig wintry day and,

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Farmhouse Rose Afghan

Excitably working on a pattern for this afghan:

It's called the Farmhouse Rose Afghan.
It was inspired by our little red Scandinavian house in the woods.

See tomorrow's post for the inspiration. :-)

Friday, February 16, 2018

Diagonal 3D Granny Rose Rainbow Candy Pillow

Oh what fun to play with bright colors!
This pillow was made with the 3D Granny Rose Pillow pattern found here.
(A pattern that includes over eight short videos for step-by-step instruction.)
With the following adjustments:

Only one large square was crocheted (23 granny rows), then the corners were brought together 
and the edges were sc'd together.
 A 3D rose in the center was sewn on where the corners meet.

And these Stylecraft Special DK colors were used:
Bluebell is crocheted every other row. 
It fits in a 20" x 20" pillow form.
(And those pillow forms are just $2.99 at IKEA as of this writing!)

What would you think about making one in your favorite colors?
I would love a photo!

Please purchase the pattern here.
Resulting in an overflow of gratitude!

Have a colorful day and,

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Jeg Elsker St. Valentine's Day

....because I live in a heart shaped world.
So here's a little heart shaped crochet treat for today:
A mini crocheted sachet that will hold one 
cotton ball sprayed with a lovely fragrance.

This particular one is "Diorissmo" and smells of Lily of the Valley, 
which reminds me of my mother, grandmother and aunts in Norway.

I came across this fragrance from a dear friend.
She blogs here at 

 Tuck it away somewhere you would like
some extra fragrant love.
(A drawer or in your pillowcase, perhaps.)

Oh and how about a little heart shaped snack of love:
Greek yogurt topped with a clementine, sliced almonds, raw honey and cinnamon,
a mug of cafe' au lait (in honor of New Orleans during this special time of year).

"Jeg Elsker Deg"

 is Norwegian for:

I Love You!

I wish you a day full of love and a day full of,

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Colorful Granny Rose with Bright Pillows

A little blast from the past...
(see this post for the final step from the past.)

 Pattern for the Granny Rose pillow that can be used for this afghan
 can be found in my Etsy shop by clicking here.

For a two-toned rose afghan click here.

And as always,

Monday, January 29, 2018

3D Granny Rose - Pattern Listed!

After weeks and weeks (maybe even months) of crocheting, writing, filming and editing...
...and 41 prototypes later!!!

I have finished the 3D Granny Rose pattern.
And it is now listed in my Etsy shop.
(You can find it by clicking here.)
Oh, and this pattern comes with over eight video links!

Stay tuned for posts on variations of this project.
(I've got to do something with all those proptotypes!)

Please email me photos of your 3D Granny Rose projects
 and I will post them with your permission:

A special thanks to the NVO and "K" for their tremendous help in editing!
And a great big thanks to all of you for your interest and patience,
 and as always,

Friday, January 26, 2018

3D Granny Rose - Tester

My dear friend, formerly known as "K",
now known as "K",
 has tested the 3D Granny Rose pattern and created this lovely pillow.
I think it worked! 
I love it and I love her selection of colors; dark forest green and cream which is just so pretty. 
For the back she used one great big granny square; joining the two together with a single stitch crochet. 
Thank you "K"!
I will pick up the edits on Sunday and publish the pattern next week.
Please stay tuned!