Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ombre Rainbow Border

 and ready for delivery:
Vintage Ripple pattern from Churchmouse found here.

Border is 1 ch, 1 sc in white all the way around,  
then several rows of V-stitches with alternating colors 
(V-stitch =1 dc,1 ch, 1 dc in same st, sk st and repeat.)
Finished off with a picot trim, in white, included in pattern found here.

 Stylekraft Special DK
So soft and washed up so beautifully!

Aw, that feels good!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Blue Belt Berlinerkranser

Blue Berlinerkranser in honor of the NVO and his
 Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt!
(Belinerkranser look a bit like belts, right?)

Look, I left out the "l' in Congratulations!
That makes me happy.
Some were sprinkled with white for the student that received white stripes on his blue belt.
(But the dough was still blue.)

These are the NVO's favorite cookie...and they might look a little more appetizing 
sans blue. But nevertheless, they tasted the same. ;-)

Recipe found here and they can look like this:

Berlinerkranser are a traditional Norwegian Christmas cookie,
but as you can see, we spread the joy out all year long. :-)

I am so proud of you!

P.S. I so want to get around and see you all.
I do, but the time to comment has been nil.
A full-time job now and I'm still in school; it has been hectic!
Final test is today and then it's time for Jul joy!
Oh and Bunny Rose, has been begging for a post. :-)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Hatch Chile Dark Chocolate Fudge

I've been bad. ;-)

Recipe here at Home Stories A to Z blog.

I used this chile powder but used 1 teaspoon
and sprinkled a little extra cayenne and some coarse kosher salt on top,
'cuz I like it hot and salty!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Towel Topper V - Pattern to come

 Wouldn't this make a great gift with a matching dishcloth?
Love the fabric in this towel.
Pattern to come!
I don't how long it will take since I have come out of retirement and am back to work.
I'll get it out as soon as possible. :-)

I hope all is well with all of you this season!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Donating Warmth

Norway is cold in the the winter,
and unfortunately there are people in need of warmth.

CupoNation has started a wonderful campaign asking for knitted or crocheted donations for those in need.
(Mostly mittens and socks are needed, but they will accept anything warm.)

For each donation, CupoNation will donate 100 NOK (approximately $15 USD) 
to this worthy cause.

They are asking those donating to express what 100 NOK means to them
 and what they hope that it could bring to someone in need.

To me,
 100 NOK means a half a week of groceries.

For someone in need, I would hope 100 NOK would bring, any of the following:
Groceries, including fresh produce, dairy products and meat.
A warm meal in a warm place.
A bottomless cup of coffee and seven Norwegian Christmas cookies in a cozy bakery.
10 hot dogs at Statoil. 
A basic toiletries kit.
 Air-activated hand or foot warmers.

I'm in hopes that this scarf will keep someone warm this season:
and that the bright colors will help keep the hope for brighter days alive.
The yarn is doubled up (using two strands of a sport weight yarn).
It wraps around the neck twice for double warmth.
Also, one edge can be pulled up to cover the back and top of the head.
(Pattern found here, modified to an infinity scarf.)

 On it's way to deliver love and warmth!

Would you like to participate?
If so, it's very simple.

Send your knitted or crocheted donation to:

Fattighuset 39
Oslo, 0190 Norway

Post about it and include what 100 NOK (approximately $15 USD) means to you,
and what you would hope that it could bring to someone in need.)

Then click on one of the hearts above, which will take you to a CupoNation post,
where you will fill out a quick form that includes information about your blog post.
This will ensure that the 100 NOK is donated on your behalf.
(There's also a way to do it without a blog.)

Happy and Warm Holiday Wishes to Everyone!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Chevron Infinity Scarf from Free Pattern

 This is a Christmas gift made from the free HDC chevron infinity scarf pattern found here.
The pattern has step-by-step photos including photos.

 Made with Galway Chunky 100% wool yarn.
 and a "J" hook.

I used eight hdc instead of 10 hdc since I was working with a chunky yarn.
Fold in half and then wrap around neck twice.
Comfort and warmth!

These are so quick to make,
this one was made in two leisurely crocheting evenings watching the Teli!

There's still time to make more!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ombre Rainbow Vintage Ripple

I am so excited about this commissioned afghan,
 that's in progress, that I just had to share with you:
I call it "ombre" because each section of color between each row of white is three shades of a similar color.

I used a 4.0 "F" hook and the Vintage Ripple pattern from Churchmouse found here.
It's all Stylekraft Special DK in the follow colors:
(One row of each.)

I think I will continue with several rows of white and then use the same colors
as above, but reverse the order (start with bottle and continue that direction.)

I'll show it to you when I am done. :-)