Sunday, July 30, 2023

Sunnyside Up Afghan | Porch Crocheting

Just a little porch crocheting... 

This pattern will be released late 2023.

Click here for general information on how to make this afghan.

Wishing you some 

on the porch!



Saturday, July 22, 2023

Simply Crochet Magazine Arrival | Macaroon Blossom Afghan Featured

 Yay! My hard copy of the June issue #137 of Simply Crochet magazine 
arrived today and look at this awesome crochet hook holder that was included! 

 I highly recommend this publication. 
I am thrilled and humbled all at the same time, that Simply Crochet would feature 
the Macaroon Blossom Afghan as "Sweets for the Sweet" 
in this issue as a "Fabulous Find." 
Gosh, I feel like THEY are the "Fabulous Find." 
Thank you so much!

There's so much good crochet stuff included, in fact, it's all good. 
Be sure to check out the other maker's "Fab Finds."
Good stuff I tell ya'!

You can find the pattern for the Macaroon Blossom Blanket
with the supplement for a 
Scheepjes Stone Wash Colour Pack version 
included, as well, by clicking on the following
Apple Blossom Dreams Shops:
Clicking on the above photo will take you directly to the Etsy listing, as well.

This is how the listing reads:
Crochet this lusciously delicious and colorful Macaroon Blossom Afghan using 27 skeins of 50 gm Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn or yarn of your choice. This instantly downloadable pattern will teach you step-by-step how to complete the JAYGO (join-as-you-go) method with blossom circles and leaf squares. The 29-page pattern includes over 100 step-by-step photos and charts, as well as, several links to exclusive videos for extra added assistance. Additionally, you'll a three-page abbreviated version of the pattern, as well as, a five-page instructional guide on how to adjust the pattern to utilize one Scheepjes Stone and River Washed Colour Pack and 2-3 50 gm skeins of Scheepjes Stone Wash yarn. 
The pattern is written and verbalized in US crochet terms.

The colour pack version with all six rounds of the border measures
 29" x 47" (74 cm x 120 cm)

The original version measures 36" x 54" (91 cm x 138 cm)

You can also find yarn packs for the original version at 
Neither one of these is paid a promotion.

Have a happy day, thank you for your interest and



Friday, July 21, 2023

Norwegian Barbie | Celebrating Movie Release | Yarn for Barbie Clothes

 Okay, so I am jumping on the Barbie bandwagon! 
Well...sort of...with a twist. 😉🤪 A Norwegian Barbie!!! 

The secret is out now...I love and always have loved Barbie. 

 Years ago, Little Bug and I organized Barbie Intelligence Pageants. 
Barbie contestants answered questions in the academic realm...
math, science, history, language, etc.
I asked the questions and the Barbies (represented by Little Bug's voice) answered. 
The prizes of course were things like a pink Corvette, shoes, and gowns.  
I don't remember which Barbie won, but apparently, 
it wasn't Norwegian Barbie as she is still in the box. 

Little Bug went on to become quite academically inclined...
but not much into cars, gowns, or shoes. 

 And on a slightly different subject, crocheting Barbie clothes has always been
 on my crochet project bucket list. Especially Norwegian national costumes called bunads. 
I think Scheepjes Catona yarn is the perfect yarn for this endeavor. 
A Catona yarn pack with over 100 colors (certainly every bunad color could be found here).

you can order a box of these little cuties (109) and use them for Barbie clothes,
 for any project, or just for fun on *Amazon by clicking here.
If you are in the US, you will be receive your yarn quickly.

*Apple Blossom Dreams may receive a small commission
 on purchases made via this Amazon affiliate link, 
however, it is at no additional cost to you.

 Uffda, my crochet bucket list of ideas runneth over. 
Do you ever feel the same way?


Astri Elisabeth

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Sunnyside Up Afghan | Crochet Pattern | Directions

 Hello maker friends!
This is the
"Sunnyside Up Afghan"

I have been making every effort to finish up a border and write a pattern for this afghan 
before we head to Norway and the UK for an extended time.

While away from the studio I can crochet and design a bit; however,
since we are basically nomadic backpackers, I am unable to write patterns. 

So...a long story short, this pattern will likely not be ready until early 2024,
but in the meantime, below are directions on how a savvy crocheter like yourself
 might be able to make it before next year.

First, you will need one of the following patterns for the motif:
(These patterns all use the same motif.)
These are the Etsy links, but these patterns can also be found in the 
Apple Blossom Dreams shops on Ravelry and Lovecrafts
 (Blossom Dreams / Astri Elisabeth Designs on Ravelry).

Use Stylecraft Special DK (a DK weight 100% acrylic yarn).
(A similar yarn of the same weight could be used, but please note that a worsted or aran
 weight may be too heavy to fit some of the stitches into some of the small spaces.) 
You'll need one skein of each color and 2 skeins of White or Cream.

Make 20 sets of four motifs randomly mixing up the colors in the below diagram
 for the blossoms and first granny row. 
Primarily use a shade of green (Pistachio, Lime, and Sage) for the leaves. 

Each set of four motifs will have the same color for the last two granny rows, 
the SC join, and an extra DC row around each set of four squares as per the following chart:

SC join                                                DC around

Trimmed in DC row of White.

Then join all the finished "Four Squares" with a sc join in White or Cream.
For a simple border, add a row of DC in White or Cream all around the afghan.

In the corners always place (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc).

Here are the colors and placement:

The afghan measures: 48" x 59" (120 cm x 150 cm)

Upon my return, I plan to add more to the border...
I'm thinking something with buds and leaves and then writing a detailed
step-by-step pattern with photos and videos.

Whew, I hope this general information is helpful,
and brings you some 


Astri Elisabeth

Friday, July 14, 2023

Claudia Afghan or Window Display | Crochet Pattern

Did you know that the Claudia Afghan made in the "Claudia" colorway
 can also be a sun-filtering window covering? 
In fact, Claudia herself crocheted and photographed this one!
Photo credit: @crochetaladia

Here are the pattern deets:

Click on the name of your preferred shop and it will take you right to the pattern. 
The pattern includes instructions, yarn colors, and yarn quantities to make this afghan in five different colorways including the "Claudia" colorway pictured here. 
The pattern and yarn packs are available at Wool Warehouse by clicking here!

This instantly downloadable pattern will teach you step-by-step 
how to make the blossom motifs, complete the JAYGO (join-as-you-go) method, 
and includes a simple border made with the leftover yarn.

The 35-page pattern includes over 100 step-by-step photos and charts, as well as, 
eleven links to exclusive videos for extra added assistance. 
Additionally, a three-page abbreviated version of the pattern is included
 and is great for printing.

The pattern calls for 30 skeins of 50 gm Scheepjes Stone Washed (sport weight - Not XL)
yarn but any yarn of your choice will likely work.

The finished afghan including the border measures 43" x 65" (109 cm x 165 cm
but remember it makes a great window curtain. 

The pattern AND yarn kit can also be purchased from Wool Warehouse.
We have been purchasing our yarn from Wool Warehouse for many years
 and are so impressed with their service and selection. 
Check out the yarn packs by clicking here

Wool Warehouse stocks the yarns that we use for our designs 
(rarely are any colors back ordered), orders are processed quickly 
(2 weeks from the UK to the US is the longest we've ever had to wait for delivery
 and we are based in a remote small town in the least populated State in the US), 
and the BEST prices to boot! 

Thank you all for following along and for your support!
All of us here at Apple Blossom Dreams wish you lots of


Astri Elisabeth