Thursday, March 14, 2024

Amanda Quiltghan | Crochet Pattern | Out for Testing

Introducing the
Amanda Quiltghan

The pattern is currently out to SEVEN testers all over the world and
will be released/published at the beginning of April.

This blanket was inspired by “The Birdling Quilt” by Amanda of Prairie Quilt Co.

Permission given by Amanda Loewen. 

Please see Amanda’s beautiful designs, especially if you are also a quilter.

You can visit this lovely website with the most amazing quilt patterns
by clicking here.

Stay tuned for the crochet pattern release. 
Meanwhile, wishing you lots of 



Saturday, March 2, 2024

Pebble Haze Yarn | Blossom-Circle-Square | Jumper Vest

 Yay! I finished my first article of clothing with the fabulous Pebble Haze yarn 

A great big hug of thanks for this generous gift is being sent via this instant 
worldwide communication option. 
Hoping there is enough bandwidth and radio frequency to cover 
how grateful I am for this consideration.
I love this DK (#3 light) weight 67% cotton 33% acrylic yarn! 
It is soft and airy but is structured enough to hold up for clothing. 
I like it so much that I have purchased more if it!

I had a hard time deciding on sleeves, 
but I thought no sleeves would be nice for springtime. 
Plus it can always be worn over a blouse with sleeves...
Yarnsmiths Pebble Haze
Marble, Chrysocolla, Porphyry, Olivine, Fluorite, Lolite, Blue Slate, 
Petalite, Chalcedony, and print cake in Lulworth.
Clicking here will take you to the yarn.
Wool Warehouse (40% off as of this writing)
Motif is from the Blossom-Circle-Square pattern
Moi - Astri Elisabeth of Apple Blossom Dreams
You can find the pattern by clicking on the following
Apple Blossom Dreams Shops:

Click here for an additional post on this blanket.

to you!


Friday, March 1, 2024

Springtime Crochet | Apple Blossom Wreath | Mixed Media

Currently, we have 3 feet of snow on the ground...
but that doesn't stop me from remixing and hanging a spring wreath.
The old silk flower apple blossom wreath needed a little something...🌸
...and we all know what little something was needed...🌸
Before                                                         After

Crochet fixes everything...🌸
I love remixing media.
Let's remix, recycle, reuse, repurpose, redecorate, and reinvent!

 🌸Pattern:  This blossom is found in all the following patterns:
Apple Blossom Branch, Macaroon Blossom, Summer Blossom Bed Runner,
Blossom-Circle-Square Afghan, Cherry Blossom Poof, Cherry Blossom Afghan,
and Apple Blossom Dreams Afghan.
Found by clicking on the following Apple Blossom Dreams shops:

🌸Yarn:  Yarnsmiths Create DK, Stylecraft Special DK, Scheepjes Colour Crafter

These three delightful yarns can be found at

Happy Winter, Happy Spring, and