Friday, December 23, 2016

Greetings from the Winter Wonderland

From one Winter Wonderland:

to another...

Love, peace, joy and warmth to all of you!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Playing with Paint Colors in Blue/Green

A hint of things to come in Stjerndal...

This is the NVO.
It appears as though he is perplexed
with four shades of blue/green in this room:

Doors: Benjamin Moore  - Blue Lake
Door Wall: Benjamin Moore - Colorado Gray
Side Wall: Benjamin Moore - Spring Mint
Floor: Ralph Lauren - Gustavian Blue
Click here for link to Ralph Lauren UK site.


More perplexment to come...

Friday, December 2, 2016

Winter has come to Stjernedal

It's been a frantic albeit fun four months of working on the inside of Stjernedal.
More before and after photos to come.
Come spring we'll work (play) on the outside.
 In the mean time here's a peek at
 how the outside looks during picturesque winter in Stjernedal.

No smoke from the chimney yet...

 The wood burning stove has been removed as it was too large for the space
 and the pipe went through an upstairs bedroom
and blocked part of the doorway:

Triple Wall gone:

Stove out:
 Rock out:
(Rocks have been retained for a future dry creek out front.)
The NVO is the best - this was not an easy task!

 Concrete out:

The stove, rock, and concrete is out,
replaced with paint, white-washed pine tongue and grove and a holiday tree. :-)

Next winter, we hope to install a stove in a different location in the living room
to add to that "koselig" feeling.
Until then...the cove heaters will keep us warm this winter.

Happy Winter Everybody!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Experimenting with an Apple Blossom Dream Pillow

I've been experimenting with an
"Apple Blossom Dream Pillow"

I'm playing with a variation of my granny rose pattern from here.

A 3-D leaf row has been added,

and a variation of the border pattern from here.

This is the other side:

One big 3-D leafed granny rose square.

The back side of the border.

The enclosure.

I'm hoping to write this pattern some day...

What do you think?
Any suggestions?
Any recommended color combinations?

I'm still crocheting like crazy but the remodeling of our new home in
 Stjernedal (Star Valley) has kept me from blogging!
I will blog about that some day too...

I miss blogging and I miss my blog friends!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Tada! Rainy day Chair-and-a-half done!

A much looked forward to moment...

Over a year in the making!
Over 250 granny squares, joined together for a re-upholstered chair.

Here's how it went down:
It started with a free chair left outside in the rain by our neighbors.

Then the granny madness began:
Then trimmed in a row of white.

The second row of white utilized the join as you go method:

The back cushion was finished:

Then the seat cushion:
Back and seat cushion. 

This was the biggest part of the project:
 This is all one piece!
Can you believe it?

Snugly fit like this:

For an end result like this: 
More details found by clicking here

A fun journey...
but, oh happy day when a BIG project is completed!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Stjernedal Update

A week of a work vacation does wonders...

White washed, knotty pine ceiling finished in the kitchen!

That's the responsible party: the NVO.
He is a hard working, talented carpenter!

The door went from dark brown to light blue - "Gustavian Blue" to be accurate. ;-)

Paneling primed.

Shutters down.
House partially painted red.
"Barn" red, that is.

"Apple Blossom Dreams" office painted white 
with plywood sub-floor painted in "Gustavian Blue", as well.
This house had me at the view from the office.
(And the porch.)

With some crocheted items lovingly placed, to brighten the love. :-)

And a colorful rug:
Still to doors and trim to be painted...I have ideas for the doors. ;-)

House warming gift from neighbors:
An apple tree!!!
(This one is a Haralred.)
Next Spring ...APPLE BLOSSOMS!
Unfortunately, these guys got to it, the very first day!
I reprimanded them and they politely apologized and left.
I told them they could come back, but to stay away from the tree!

But just in case they did not understand,
the tree was protected.

I also hear that a second tree needs to be planted for optimal pollination.
I think a Granny Smith would be nice...
I'd like to make pies, cobblers and applesauce during our retirement years.

Lots of updates to come.

Have a wonderful day!