Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stash-Buster #26 - Rose pillows

2020 Update:
The above-pictured pillows are a variation of two patterns from my Etsy Shop:
1) The Granny Rose Heart Pillow:
(Click here for the pattern.)
Here are variations included in the pattern:

and the
2) Granny Rose Pillow:
(Click here for the pattern.)
Here is the variation from the pattern:

And so the original posits continues as is:

During the course of Linda and Ana's 2013 Stash-buster challenge, 

I got side-tacked and finished up a project from last year:
You may remember the Granny Rose Afghan from about a bazillion posts this year.
Made with this pattern.
Well, so, you know what happened once that project was done?
You know, don't you?
There was more yarn to be added to the stash,
in addition to a few extra roses and granny squares.
Pattern for the rose granny squares can be purchased on Etsy here.

What to do? What to do?
How about a couple of pillows to bust that stash?
You see, I have an addiction to pillows, (more details on that in a future post),
but in the mean time I will make a couple of more pillows.
Yup, that's it: pillows!

Pillow #1
A heart shaped pillow...
Pattern for a Rose heart pillow is now listed in my Etsy shop:
Click here for the pattern that includes the Granny Rose Square.

Crocheted a front and back.
Joined together, 
with that infamous picot stitch I use everywhere.
(See this post which includes picot stitch video.)
Utilized button stash for opening.
 Made a pillow form.
This might not look like the best part; but, it just might be...
you see my friend, who must remain anonymous,
 retrieved a perfectly recyclable white sheet from the trash while visiting her children,
 and thought "Astri could use this for a rag rug or something", and gave it to me!
Ha, I LOVE how she thinks of me in context with the trash. :-)
 I know.... it's a sewing machine!
 Stuffed with fiberfill leftover from another 2012 project.
A little lumpy, but once placed in it's cover, you'll never know.
See not so lumpy anymore, huh?

Then there's pillow #2
A couple of squares:
 One with one rose and lots of trim.
 And one with four roses and little trim.
  Another button stashing opening,
 and stuffed with that $1.99 IKEA pillow bargain, 
that I am so fond of.
 And there you have it!
Stash-busting low-cost guest room accouterments.
 Velkommen till gjesten rom. :-)
Whew, that was a long post.
Perhaps it should have been divided into two posts: one for each pillow.
Oh well, too late now. :-)

Oh and BTW I am onto something completely different with 
the rest of the acrylic stash 
(gosh there's a lot of it) 
that I will be excited to show you soon.
Two projects, very different from each other;
colors I do not typically use and no granny roses either.)

See you soon!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Family Tree Re-mix

There have been several attempts at painting a family tree on the wall of our kosestua.
 But, when you can't get it "just right"
a professional must be called in.
So I called in the expert, Stephanie.
This new and improved family tree was designed and painted by
 Stephanie, who also designed my blog banner. 
You can read all about Stephanie and the banner in this post.

The NVO and I have two moms, one bonus dad, six children and six grandchildren 
(seven soon...grandchildren that is...) that are included in the tree.
Each family has it's own frame color; however, they are scattered around the tree.
It's all part of the re-mix.
The children and grandchildren live all over the USA.
My mom and bonus dad live in Norway.
I won't bore you with the family close-up or details,
but in the event that you are interested,
more details about the family are on this post.

Here are the previous efforts:
This was the first effort.
 It was somewhat acceptable but had to go bye-bye with
the room redo from this post.
(Two new little peeps have arrived since this one.)
This was the second futile attempt.
I never finished it (apple blossoms, that were intended for the branches, never made it),
but it ended up looking like a creepy Halloween branch, IMHO. haha.

So here's the final attempt once the professional was called in:
Stephanie, my artistic friend. :-)
Gotta' love that woodgrain!

Check out how the breeze from the window blows the silver leaves towards the front of the room.
Hopefully there won't be a huge gust
that blows the family away!

Have a breezy day!

(Stephanie's contact information is at the bottom of the blog.)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Welcome Followers!

A sincere thank you to each and every one one of you
 for following my antics,
whether you are a new follower today or 
a new follower from over two years ago!
I notice all of you.
I read all your comments.
I love looking at your wonderful blogs.
You bring joy to my heart and a smile to my face.

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Following my own CAL Week #5 - Joining and Trim

The Finish:
It's done.
 Joined with a sc row in red.
Roses were placed in a diagonal pattern.
Rows were alternated between the white, aqua and violet background.
 Border/Edge is a row of dcs in red,
then two rows of the following (one row of aqua, one in red):
 1 sc and dc in same stitch, skip one stitch and repeat.
 (Don't skip one on the corners.)
Ta Dah!
Now to place in the guest room,
either here on the bed:
 Maybe with the Bobble Zig Zag from this post.
Or on top of "Expedit" from IKEA:
Can you guess what's in those bins?
Either way it will probably move around a lot.
I think it's called ADHD. ;-)

You can make your own rose afghan or pillow by following Granny Rose links on the right side bar.
Or you can follow the posts to this one that link back to the Granny Rose posts here:

Let me know if you make one. 
I would love to see. :-)