Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crocheted Rose Table Runner

Table Runner Ta Dah!
The table runner idea from the previous post morphed in a
reversible table runner; both sides match the new dishes!

The crocheted roses were modeled after the tiny little roses inside the mug:
Aligned with the edge of the table
...hanging over the edge.
The roses are pinned on so they can be easily 
reversed to the light blue gingham side as desired.
The NVO contributed red roses for the first table setting on the new table runner.
He's a dream to put up with and support my antics!
Stay tuned for a V-day Advent gift,  "Brød" pillow, a give-away, and more crochet roses. :-)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Go, Go, Go"

Based on popular opinion and an idea from my dear blogging friend, 
Mrs. M, the roses on the vintage afghan will
 "Go, Go, Go".
The roses to adorn a table runner 
was her suggestion from my previous post
How sweet of her to give me an alternative instead of saying
 "The roses need to go, Astri". :-)
Now I've got to pull out the sewing machine and iron. Ugh!
I'll post about it when it's all done and the table is set.
(In spite of having to iron and sew, I am excited about this project, though,
 especially since I do not need to purchase anything for it.)
I suppose pulling out the sewing machine is not so bad as it
 will stop the procrastination of the plan to sew a pillow out of
 this lovely "bread warming cloth", as well.  
It was a gift from my mother's friend, Liv, from Norway,
 who gave it me as none of her grandchildren wanted it. 
Go figure?

What a difference ironing will make.
I love pressed results!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Country Cottage Meets Art Deco

Or...North meets Southwest?
Every payday I have $100 mad money. I am a very lucky gal, indeed.
I can and must do anything I want with this money.
This last payday I purchased these dishes, they were $99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond.
I was practically waiting at the front door for the entire week for the package to arrive.

To me they look Danish, but in the USA we put them in a "Country Cottage" category. :-)
But a service of only four, you may wonder?
Yes, only four as I will combine them with similarly colored pieces of Fiestaware (a complete opposite style) and all of a sudden and without warning...service for 12. 

See all the pretty combinations:

And the Vintage Ripple Afghan WIP...
(See this post for pattern info.)
...is coming along.
 I have added some roses to the side...they are just pinned on, for now, 
as I'm not sure they will stay or go. 
What do you think? 
Should they stay or should they go, now?
If they stay will it be trouble? 
If they go will it be double?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Chocolate Raspberry and Chocolate Lemon Cupcakes

For this evening's baby shower
Simply a "Betty Crocker Devil's Food Cake Mix".
(I used high-altitude directions, since we live so close to heaven. :-) )
Buttercream with 4 oz cream cheese frosting recipe and decorating tips from the
Click here for the post with the recipe.
I squished fresh raspberries in a wire mesh strainer and added the juice to the pink frosting (needed to add more powdered sugar due to the additional raspberry liquid, though) and then squished a hole in the cupcake and put in a little bit of leftover raspberry pulp. 
Frosted, then sprinkled with pink glitter.
(This is a frosting technique I must practice a bit, as these should look like roses....)
Pure lemon extract and a little yellow powder food coloring for the lemon cupcakes. 
Sprinkled with candy pearls.
And a mini cake gift for the hostess...made with the leftover batter and raspberry frosting. :-)

Have a Sweet Weekend!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Who-o-o, Who-o-o"

A gift for an anticipated arrival from 
another one of our own at work.
Pattern is Killian's Owl Hat, purchased from the "Easy Makes Me Happy" Blog.
Size 0-3 months.
 It has a neat feather stitch - so appropriate for an owl. 
It was the first time I had tried a stitch like this and the instructions were excellent.
"Who-o-o you lookin' at?"

It's that Alpaca blend again, the pink color is called "Peony" and I used this "Sky" for the eyes.
"Wheat" and "Natural" were used too.
I went down one hook size to a "J" from the pattern.

Looking forward to meeting the little one!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Northern European Canister

A lovely Christmas giftcard from TJ Maxx was burning a hole in my pocket.
I must spend it before I lose it, right?
(I suppose I should define "it", hehe.)

This is what I found today:
Of all the strange things, it's a canister.

I can hide a new crochet project in there. ;-)
(Announcement coming soon!)

It's by Fitz and Floyd.
Online it's $58 at Amazon and at TJ Maxx it was $19.99.
A gift and a bargain!
It looks sort of Norwegian or Swedish to me, but in all reality it's probably Swiss or German...or maybe French as roosters are a part of the collection, too. It's called "Glennbrook" so that really didn't give me a clue; does it give you a clue?

Which country do you think has influenced this design? 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vintage Ripple WIP

A Springtime WIP with a projected completion date of...
 the Spring!  :-)
I purchased this pattern at Churchmouse Yarns & Teas.
Click here for the link; it's called the "Vintage Crocheted Throw & Afghan"
Lots of ends to weave.
A pile of similarly colored, yet different stitches of afghans,
brings joy to my heart like...
 no other pile of anything. he, he ;-)

Wishing you a joyous heart!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Faux Fana Pillow and Pattern

The Pattern

“FANA” Pillow
(This pattern is going to need tweaks, I am so open to suggestions. :-) )

R=RED               W=WHITE
Redheart yarn in Cherry and White and a size "I" hook.
* Main color set-up and **Main color row from the this post at the Purl Bee website.
Great youtube video on "end of row" color change here. Although this is not the granny stripe stitch/pattern I used, it will show how to change colors.

W:           Chain 62
W:           Row 1        SC in second chain from hook to end
W:           Row 2        *Main color set-up, but in last DC pull color R through
R:            Row 3        **Main color granny row
R & W:    Row 4        **Main color granny row with each “cluster” as follows:
R W R R W R R W R R W R R W R R W R R W R  cut yarn(The first and last “clusters” are more like a partial cluster.) With color change, hold other colored yarn behind and carry. Cut yarn at end of row and begin next row at other end (do not turn the rows where you use both colors in one row – this will keep the yarn carryovers on the same side of the piece.
R & W:    Row 5        **Main color granny row with each “cluster” as follows:
W W R W W R W W R W W R W W R W W R W W R  cut yarn(The first and last “clusters” are more like a partial cluster.) With color change, hold other colored yarn behind and carry. Cut yarn at end of row and begin next row at other end (do not turn the rows where you use both colors in one row – this will keep the yarn carryovers on the same side of the piece.
R & W:    Row 6 - Repeat Row 4
R:            Row 7 - Repeat Row 3
W:           Row 8 - Repeat Row 3
W:           Row 9 - Repeat Row 1
W:           Row 10 - Repeat Row 2
R:            Row 11 - Repeat Row 3 cut go to opposite end
R & W:    Row 12 - Repeat Row 4 cut go to opposite end
R & W:    Row 13 - Repeat Row 5 cut go to opposite end
R & W:    Row 14 - Repeat Row 4
R:            Row 15 - Repeat Row 3
W:           Row 16 - Repeat Row 3
W:           Row 17 - Repeat Row 1
W:           Row 18 - Repeat Row 2
R:            Row 19 - Repeat Row 3
R:            Row 20 - Repeat Row 3
W:           Row 21 - Repeat Row 3
R:            Row 22 - Repeat Row 3
R:            Row 23 - Repeat Row 3
W:           Row 24 - Repeat Row 3
R:            Row 25 - Repeat Row 3
R:            Row 26 - Repeat Row 3
W:           Row 27 - Repeat Row 3
W:           Row 28 - Repeat Row 1
W:           Row 29 - Repeat Row 2
R:            Row 30 - Repeat Row 3 cut go to opposite end
R & W:    Row 31 - Repeat Row 4 cut go to opposite end
R & W:    Row 32 - Repeat Row 3 cut go to opposite end
R & W:    Row 33 - Repeat Row 4
R:            Row 34 - Repeat Row 3
W:           Row 35 - Repeat Row 3
W:           Row 36 - Repeat Row 1
W:           Row 37 - Repeat Row 2
R:            Row 38 - Repeat Row 3
R & W:    Row 39 - Repeat Row 4
R & W:    Row 40 - Repeat Row 3
R & W:    Row 41 - Repeat Row 4
R:            Row 42 - Repeat Row 3
W:           Row 43 - Repeat Row 3
W:           Row 44 - Repeat Row 1
W:           Row 45 - Slip stitch to finish off
(Blogger does not recognize tabs so the above is not properly aligned and it's making my eyes go all skuwhampus!)

Weave in ends.
Make 2 squares...then:
Join with single crochet in red.
Leave opening for washing ease and finish off with buttons .
Stuff with this inexpensive pillow from Walmart. Not the same shape but it works. :-)

Here are some "along the way" photos that might help:
This is what the back looks like on the R & W rows.
I could not figure out a work around...that's why this project ended up as a pillow instead of a blanket.
I'm thinking that there is no work around...this is sort of the way knitting turns out too, right?

Here's "Fana" with it's crocheted friends. :-)